Why You Should Neuter Your Dogs and Cats

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Research has proven that neutered dogs and cats make much better pets and consequently better members of the community,  because they are at home with their owners and not wandering the streets.  Keeping your cats contained and dogs on their leashes  will keep them safe, as well.
Neutering yCat 3 300x199 Why You Should Neuter Your Dogs and Catsour dog or cat will keep him from being able to get many illnesses that are specific to the male testicles.  Testicular cancer, which is a worry to many owners, is a thing of the past for a neutered cat and dog.  Other cancers that affect the testicles, along with his genitalia and the surrounding area, are also held at bay.
Unneutered dogs and cats have more of a tendency to roam and wander, in search of a mate.  They will go considerable distances to find a female in heat.  Always use containment measures and good fencing, no matter the state of your cat or dog. 
Neutering has the tendency to make any dog breed better behaved, easier to housebreak and consequently easier to train.  It is said by some trainers that they prefer to work with neutered dogs, as the training sessions are much more productive.  This is certainly evident when male cats and dogs are around female animals in season.
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Neutering solves the problem of marking, for dogs and cats, alike.  It is a known fact that cats and dogs, which are left intact, are more than likely to mark the house, as this is its normal behavior.  If you find that your pet is marking your house, neutering him will typically solve the problem.  
Neutering makes dogs less aggressive and a more gentle companion.  In addition, it makes cats more laid back and less likely to roam.
Check with your veterinarian, for more detailed expert advice.
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