Why Dogs Chase Cats

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      It is a given. Put a strange dog and a cat together and a chase will ensue. Why? It doesn’t matter how loud I shout or how fast I run. My dogs chase cats.

      There is folklore that says cat is a trickster who took advantage of dog thus beginning an eternal feud.


3 Why Dogs Chase Cats

         But in reality, dogs will chase cats just as a matter of play and stimulation. Fun can also quickly cross the line into predation. Dogs have the same reaction to a rabbit, squirrel. It is a natural high to be able to hunt and chase like in the wild! Kind of like a “Runners High”. Not so fun for the cat! An excited dog can easily hurt or kill a cat. Even in innocent play a dog can bite too hard and a cat can seriously scratch a dogs eyes and face. Not to mention the possibility of the pair inadvertently running into traffic!

       It is very hard to change this chasing behavior. It is a reaction to the movement of something small. As basic as catching dinner. There are a few things you can try.

  • Introduce your dog to cats while still a puppy. Early social interaction can interrupt the predatory behavior at least with the family cat.

  • Hold him back from chasing. Don’t even allow you dog to go to the end of the leash.

  • Use commands – No, stop, bad!

  • Spray your dog in the face with a squirt bottle to break the attention he has focused on the cat.

      If all else fails keep your dog inside or on a leash at all times. An angry cat can cause quite a vet bill! And remember, hitting your dog will not change their animal instincts. Remember they are dogs!!

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