Why Does My Dog Like Toilet Paper?

Have you ever come home only to discover that your dog has strung toilet-paper throughout your house?  Many dog owners have dogs that seem to have a toilet paper fetish.  They like  to grab the toilet paper from the roll in the bathroom and then run around the house with it, to see how far they can go with it.  Some dogs will even sit in front of the roller and just roll it out with their paw, as they watch it pile up onto the floor.  Other less creative dogs will try to bite the toilet paper off of the roll.  Why do dogs do that?

The short answer seems to be that they are bored.  Dogs may play with toilet paper because they are bored.  Maybe they think the roll is a little machine that has paper products attached.  They already imagine that the bathroom is one of the most interesting rooms in the house with the exception of the kitchen, of course.  Nearly everything in the bathroom can be exciting for them, from the flushing water fountain (aka the toilet), to the fatty square soap snacks that you leave lying around just for them.  Well then, why wouldn’t the little squares of paper be for doggy games?

Many dogs will eat toilet paper as well as other paper products.  Dogs are also able to eat paper towels, if you have yet to discover that fact.  No one is really sure why dogs enjoy eating paper products.  They do not have fat or grease ingredients in them, such as soap does. They probably do not even taste that good but dogs will still eat them.

Dogs also enjoy decorating with paper products which may suggests that they have a hidden artistic side. You may ask any owner who has found their home decorated in toilet paper.  Dogs have take their decorating outside to paper the yard.

The best way to eliminate these toilet paper sprees is to keep the bathroom door shut firmly so that your dog will leave the toilet paper alone.  You should also keep your paper towels put up, out of reach so your dog cannot reach them.

There is a veterinary term for eating strange objects called pica. That is where a dog will eat strange things like paper, rocks, rubber bands, string, clothing, socks and even feces and there are many dogs that do this. Most dogs will outgrow this behavior by the time they are two years old.  If an adult dog is doing it, it could be related to stress, diet, diabetes, intestinal cancer, and even the need for attention.

Be aware that if your dog is consuming a large amount of paper products then it is possible that he may develop a gastrointestinal blockage that would require an emergency trip to his vet.  This could be very serious.  So, please do try to keep any paper products away from your dog.  This habit is more than just a simple annoyance, it can be quite serious for the health of your dog.

If your dog does continue to eat  toilet paper you may want to talk to your dog’s vet while at a regular check-up.  Your dogs veterinarian should may be able to see if there is a physical cause for the issue. In most cases it is probably a behavioral issue.  Playing with paper and eating it is said to be a behavioral issue in about 90 percent of the cases.

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