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There are several circumstances new mothers and pet owners should be aware of, if and when, their animals get pregnant. Whether it is planned or not, those babies are coming, and for that you need to be ready. There are several items you will need to add to your shopping list at least two weeks prior to the estimated delivery date. Also you should have some knowledge of the birthing process and be aware of different things that could possibly go wrong. By knowing these things prior, you will be able to recognize immediately any situation that could turn out badly for the mother or the pups. It is very important to keep the health of the mother and her puppies as your top priority throughout the entire process.

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You should have already figured out the date of conception, or at least narrowed it down to two or three days. It usually takes 63 days from the time of conception to the date of birth. You may want to take your dog in for an ultrasound a week or so in advance just to see what you’re dealing with. It helps to know how many puppies to expect.

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You will want to take the dog’s temperature during the week of your estimated delivery date.¬† This way you will know the dog’s normal temperature so that when it drops you will know to expect puppies very soon, usually within 12 hours. You may think that because the act of birthing is so natural that there is a slim chance that something could go wrong. Well, the chance is not a slim as you may think.

There are several different things that can go wrong with both the mother and her pups. Some complications you may need to be aware of include inexperienced or exhausted mothers, nipples that do not produce milk, or puppies that are too weak to get to or hold onto the nipple of the mother. When these problems occur, and it’s more than likely that they will, you will need to step in to help. The birthing process is really a beautiful thing, especially when your baby takes control of her motherly instincts and is able to not only birth each puppy successfully but also take the necessary steps to ensure that they are alive, healthy, and clean. Sometimes, however, this is not the case and you will need to help her out. You may need to open the puppies sac yourself and gently wipe and suction out the noses and ears. Depending on how many puppies that you are having, the process can take several hours so be sure that you have not only cleared your schedule, but are available to the dog at all times during the birth and for several days after.

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Just Born

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Nourishment to Newborn

It is very important that the puppies drink as much of the mothers natural milk as possible. You may need to rotate the pups out so that the bigger stronger puppies do not take over all the working nipples all the time. Also you may want to bottle feed some of the bigger pups while the weaker ones nurse. Making sure the puppies get all the nourishment they need is very important.

Having puppies, whether first timers or constant breeders, is never an easy task. It is imperative that you be ready for any problems that can occur.

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