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One of the most exciting and helpful things you could do with your pet is dog training.  When you train your dog, you teach him to perform a certain action or behavior according to a command or specific circumstance.  If you own a dog, then training is something you should focus on.

Dog training relies heavily on communication.  You are attempting to build a bond between your pet and yourself.   Do not hold back from enjoying the experience!  You will become closer to your pet as you move further into training.  Your dog will learn to love you and trust you and also to look to you for direction.

Though the benefits are many, it does not mean it will be an easy road.  You should definitely be prepared to enjoy what you will be doing.  If either your dog or you begin to feel overworked or tired then take a break and come back to the training later.

In dog training there are specific areas that are fairly common:

-  Obedience

-   Guard

-   Agility Training

-   Retrieving

-   Hunting

-   Herding

-   Schutzhund

These particular skills take continuous training and should be started when your dog is a puppy.  An older dog can be trained, however they may already have bad habits and will be least likely to want to learn new skills.

Basically as you train your dog, you are educating him.  You will be helping him to develop acquired habits as well as his natural instincts.  You may also want to add bribery into your training.  That way your dog will know that there is a reward once he completes a desired action.

Training a dog can be difficult at times, however do not give up if it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere.  It may take some time to learn the correct methods to train your dog.  Many people believe that it can take longer for a human to become good at dog training than it takes for a dog to become trained.

Always remember to train your dog in a humane manner.  You may not know it, but your dog actually has several emotional states.  If your dog is distracted or stressed out, your training session will not be very successful.  Try to remain consistent.

If you are relying on a reward system while training your dog then consistence is the key.  If you are inconsistent with your rewards then your dog may not learn to associate between the actions and reward.  This can make your job more difficult when training.

A modern trainer will use positive methods to train.  Using this method, you would use rewards to help increase good behavior instead of punishing your dog for bad behavior.  Your ultimate goal is to have your dog respond when there is no reward. At times you may train your dog without showing him a reward at the beginning.  This will help condition him to respond to a command regardless of the lack of treat.

Another training tool is the electronic training collar.  When used in the correct manner these collars will not harm your dog.  These collars can be helpful for numerous training purposes including: agility exercises, pet containment, anti-barking and hunting exercises.  In addition there will be other times when you may wish to use the collar.

Any responsible pet owner knows where to draw the line between abuse and actual training.  Unfortunately, some people do not.  Some people have taken dog training too far into the abuse category.  Always keep in mind, to make training your dog as positive as you can for your dog.

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