The Sticky Note Challenge for Pet Owners


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stickynote 300x300 The Sticky Note Challenge for Pet Owners

What’s a Sticky Note Challenge?  Thought y’all would never ask.

For our purposes, the Sticky Note Challenge is the pet version of  ’Operation Beautiful’.

What’s ‘Operation Beautiful’?   The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find – notes that would brighten their day. Something like “You are Beautiful.”  Or, “Everything is going to be all right.”

Recently, I read about this, and I thought..’what a great idea for pet owners’.  What a neat thing to find in the pet supply store,  in the library, etc.  Use your imagination.

You see, it goes like this: I get it.  I own a pet myself  and I know what it is like to be busy-crazy-stressed, out in the ‘real world’ and start dropping the ball.   I know from experience what a toll that can take on the psyche.  I know there have been a few times I’ve needed a pick-me-up very badly and I know how grateful I was for those folks kind enough to give me one.

How I would have loved to have found a sticky note,  with a little message cheering me on, while I was out and about, when I didn’t have anyone else to cheer me on.

So I want to use this idea ‘pay it forward’ for the folks who gave me a virtual and real life pick me up,  to provide a virtual, and real-life pick-me-up for pet owners.  What I propose, is that each day, I will post a new ‘Sticky Note of the Day for Pet Owners’ for 30 days on my Facebook business page, www.facebook.com/livelovemeow , and my Twitter feed at @livelovemeow , to see if this takes off.

I would love it, if folks would share the sticky notes online on their Facebook and Twitter feeds, and if they felt so inclined, if they would write the sticky notes down, and place them in places where other pet owners were likely to see them, out in the ‘real world’.

If this idea takes off, I will keep doing it.  If not, I’ll stop.

Your comments, thoughts and ideas for things you would love to read on a sticky note, would be very much appreciated in the contact space above!

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