The Rescue Horse

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I was took away from my mother and moved to another place I did not know.  I was scared and lonely. The humans who took me showed me lots of love and attention. I learned the joy of riding with my best friend.


One day she stopped coming to ride me. I was left alone and abandoned. I had no food or water. I waited….days turned into weeks. Nobody came for me. I was scared and lonely and so hungry I started eating dirt to survive. I was so weak and felt so sick. I could barely walk. I still waited for her.  She loved me and I missed her.


One day someone came and took me to a strange place with other horses.  I was so scared and hungry I wanted to just lie down and die. I had given up.


These new humans would not let me.  They fed me, doctored me, got me medical care and showed me love again. I enjoyed getting attention.  It took me a while to trust humans again but they always came, everyday.


I found a new will to survive. I wanted to live again.  I wanted to be loved again.  I had so much to offer still.  I loved to be ridden.


I do not know what happened to my girl I loved so much but I have a new girl now who loves me and my life is finally complete.  Thanks so much to the Rescue that saved me and gave me the will to survive and made me want to live again!


I am a Rescue horse…I did not ask to be treated badly.  It was not my fault.  Why would my humans abandon me and not care anymore?  I was given a second chance and now I feel loved again.


Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 8 years old. I have a long happy life ahead of me because of the humans that took the time to make me whole again. I will do my best and trust my humans and be the best I can be!

By Dalene Jessberger at rockyacreshorserescue.org

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