The Raw Food Diet – Is It For You?

If you are like many pet owners you have been bombarded with a plethora of advertising from commercial brand dog foods. Each company claims to be better than the next because of their own unique process….blah blah blah and the verb age or I prefer to refer to it as garbage goes on and on. The reality is that few of us have a degree in nutrition and that most us don’t even know what functions most of the vitamins do for our bodies.

Yes, I was guilty of buying the run of the mill dog food….then I let marketers talk me into spending tons more money on ‘better quality’ food.   Was money really providing better food for my lovable Fido? No, not really…let’s find out why?

Let’s put a new twist on the matter and throw in the concept of “raw”?!?!? Oh my goodness, I said that horrible word R A W. Yes folks, you read it correctly, RAW. The hard cold facts are that dogs are descendents of wolves. If we look at the dental work of a wolf and of our beloved canines, their teeth are the same. They have fangs that are designed to rip food apart. They do not have flat molars to chew grass with like a cow. Many people have good intentions and think that if they were to feed their dog raw food, the dog would get deathly ill.

The truth is far from that, indeed. Dogs and wolves have different digestive enzymes that allow them to digest much different and higher bacteria than a human.  For hundreds of years wolves and dogs have lived off of their kill.  Though the process may seem cruel, it is nature’s way of ensuring survival of the fittest. The prey’s body is torn open and the dog/wolf first eats specific internal organs. The liver (providing iron), the heart, the stomach and intestines; each of these vital organs provides essential nutrients that the dog needs for healthy survival. Then the pack will tear and eat the meat of the prey and then finally the bones. In nature nothing goes to waste. The bones provide an excellent source of calcium and marrow.

Dogs can safely eat many meats with no concerns, ALL MEATS CAN BE AND SHOULD BE OFFERED RAW. DO NOT OFFER COOKED BONES!!! Cooked bones will splinter into sharp shards and can perforate the intestinal wall of your dog and can cause death.

You will also see a major improvement in your dog’s teeth. After 4 months of being on the raw diet, my vet was amazed at how clean my dog’s teeth were!

My German Shepherds shed less, have less ear problems, shinier coats, less itching and far smaller droppings.  With the RAW diet, the dog digests far more than with commercial brand dog foods.

This diet is no more expensive than the premium brand dog foods and you have the peace of mind to know that you are giving your best friend the very best that you can.

It does not matter the size of dog, huge, big, medium, small or toy, there is a perfect bone to fit every sized dog.

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Author:  Cathy Reeck

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