Why You Should Neuter Your Dogs and Cats

  Research has proven that neutered dogs and cats make much better pets and consequently better members of the community,  because they are at home with their owners and not wandering the streets.  Keeping your cats contained and dogs on [...]
Willie sitting proudly with his Canine Good Citizen Certificate.

My very own Canine Good Citizen

Last December, after a year of really hard work, Willie passed the Canine Good Citizen test. It’s also known as the CGC by dog trainers and is offered through the AKC.  A dog does not have to be AKC registered to take the test. Any dog [...]

Working Together – My Special Training Method

Follow us @picksdog     Personally I am a dog person, having grown up with mostly labs. My father would train them for hunting and I remember being a part of that training, helping my father. Since those great days of having and training [...]
Willie enjoys some time in his yard this summer.

Summer Heat Awareness

Summer is largely regarded as a time to kick back, relax and enjoy life. Have a cookout, stay up late, catch fireflies and take long walks. Well hold on! Just a minute. Have you considered the special risks involved in summer time enjoyment? We [...]

Grandpa, Our 30 year old Rescued Mule

Follow us on twitter @picksdog Grandpa the 30 year old Rescued Mule / www.rockyacreshorserescue.org   When “Grandpa” arrived here, at the Rescue, I wondered what we would have in store, taking in a Senior Rescue at the ripe [...]

Best Friends – Pit Bull Mix and Kitten – Wonderful Rescues

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog     This is Charlotte (1.5 years), a 50-pound pit bull mix and Oliver (3 months), a 2.5-pound kitten. They are best friends. They play for hours every day and love to chase each other, play with toys [...]
Willie happily eats the treats!

Homemade Doggie Ice Cream.

What’s better in the heat of summer than a little ice cream to cool you down? Not much, and dogs agree. Frosty treats are delicious! However, most commercial ice creams come with too much sugar and other ingredients harmful to dogs. It’s [...]

Success Lessons from Parker the Drama Dog

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog Bookmark the permalink. Meet Parker. We got Parker from the Humane Society a couple months back when I had a feeling there was a dog waiting that would be a perfect fit for our family. Parker had been taken [...]
Homemade Doggie Treats

Willie Recommends….MUFFINS

With all the concern over dog treats, many of us are deciding to cook for our animals. The question then becomes, “What do I make?” I think the easiest way to start cooking for your dog is to begin with treats or snacks. We had an [...]
Ranger laughing

“Ranger” – Amazing Rescue Horse

Follow us @picksdog Ranger This horse has more personality than any horse I have ever known,every day I am amazed by the things he does!  I want to tell you a story about this horse… We also board here, at Rocky Acres.  One of our [...]