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Assembling an Equine Emergency Kit, for the Unexpected Horse Injury

  Horse owners in general are prepared for a variety of issues, yet sometimes they forget to think about the little medical emergencies that crop up without warning. To this end, it is imperative that your stable gear includes a well [...]

Benefits of Toys for Horses. Stress relief?

Follow us on twitter @picksdog Stress can cause a variety of aggressive and fearful responses in animals. Think about zoo animals or “pets” that are captured in the wild and then confined to a courtyard or cage. Even domesticated [...]

Grandpa, Our 30 year old Rescued Mule

Follow us on twitter @picksdog Grandpa the 30 year old Rescued Mule / www.rockyacreshorserescue.org   When “Grandpa” arrived here, at the Rescue, I wondered what we would have in store, taking in a Senior Rescue at the ripe [...]
Ranger laughing

“Ranger” – Amazing Rescue Horse

Follow us @picksdog Ranger This horse has more personality than any horse I have ever known,every day I am amazed by the things he does!  I want to tell you a story about this horse… We also board here, at Rocky Acres.  One of our [...]

A Rescue Story

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog When I was asked to write a story about one of our rescues,  many horses and their stories went through my mind.  All rescue horses have a story to tell.  I always like to tell the story that no one hears [...]

The Rescue Horse

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog I was took away from my mother and moved to another place I did not know.  I was scared and lonely. The humans who took me showed me lots of love and attention. I learned the joy of riding with my best friend.   One [...]

A Child’s Safe Start to Horseback Riding (Part 2)

Follow us on twitter @picksdog   A reputable instructor will require that your child wear a protective helmet from the very first lesson. Ask if the instructor has helmets that students can borrow for their early lessons. Once you know [...]

A Child’s Safe Start to Horseback Riding (Part 1)

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog   Make sure your child gets a safe introduction to horses; here is how. The way, in which, your child is introduced to ponies and riding may remain an influence, well into his or her adult life. A safe, fun [...]

What Horses and Riding Can Do for Children – Part 2

Horsemanship isn’t limited to horses – the attitudes and habits of a horse man can be applied throughout life. Learning to care for horses properly means learning how to take responsibility for another being that is completely dependent [...]

Horses Teach Children What Is NOT Being Taught In Schools – Part 1

I firmly believe that horses and riding are good for children – physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Together, horses and instructors make riders. Good horses and good instructors turn riders into horsemen and good [...]