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Assembling an Equine Emergency Kit, for the Unexpected Horse Injury

  Horse owners in general are prepared for a variety of issues, yet sometimes they forget to think about the little medical emergencies that crop up without warning. To this end, it is imperative that your stable gear includes a well [...]

Working Together – My Special Training Method

Follow us @picksdog     Personally I am a dog person, having grown up with mostly labs. My father would train them for hunting and I remember being a part of that training, helping my father. Since those great days of having and training [...]

Benefits of Toys for Horses. Stress relief?

Follow us on twitter @picksdog Stress can cause a variety of aggressive and fearful responses in animals. Think about zoo animals or “pets” that are captured in the wild and then confined to a courtyard or cage. Even domesticated [...]

Grandpa, Our 30 year old Rescued Mule

Follow us on twitter @picksdog Grandpa the 30 year old Rescued Mule / www.rockyacreshorserescue.org   When “Grandpa” arrived here, at the Rescue, I wondered what we would have in store, taking in a Senior Rescue at the ripe [...]
Ranger laughing

“Ranger” – Amazing Rescue Horse

Follow us @picksdog Ranger This horse has more personality than any horse I have ever known,every day I am amazed by the things he does!  I want to tell you a story about this horse… We also board here, at Rocky Acres.  One of our [...]

A Rescue Story

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog When I was asked to write a story about one of our rescues,  many horses and their stories went through my mind.  All rescue horses have a story to tell.  I always like to tell the story that no one hears [...]

The Sticky Note Challenge – Day 3

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Sticky note - Day 2

The Sticky Note Challenge – Day 2

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The Rescue Horse

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog I was took away from my mother and moved to another place I did not know.  I was scared and lonely. The humans who took me showed me lots of love and attention. I learned the joy of riding with my best friend.   One [...]
picture Part 2

Pigeons As Pets – Part 2

Follow us on twitter @ picksdog Pet lovers are embracing the joys of adopting dogs and cats from shelters in ever greater numbers but few people realize how many birds there are in shelters needing to be adopted.   I created MickaCoo Pigeon [...]