Dog Allergies

Quick, Effective, Natural Hot Spot Control with Items From Your Kitchen

 Feature photo http://www.prlog.org/11427808/1         Before we begin.. A disclaimer. I’m not a vet.  I don’t play a vet on TV. This blog post is not a substitute for veterinary advice, by a long shot.  If your vet is telling [...]
Dig, Dig, Dig pic download

Destructive Digging: Why it Happens and How to Stop It

Digging is a natural instinct, rooted deep within canine ancestry. In fact, because of selective breeding and domestication, some dog breeds tend to dig more than others. For example, “Earth dogs” like Dachshunds and Terriers, were bred [...]
Willie enjoys some time in his yard this summer.

Summer Heat Awareness

Summer is largely regarded as a time to kick back, relax and enjoy life. Have a cookout, stay up late, catch fireflies and take long walks. Well hold on! Just a minute. Have you considered the special risks involved in summer time enjoyment? We [...]

Summer Heat Cool Treats

  Follow us On Twitter @picksdog  http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=39128&picture=puppy petcenternews   Summer Heat Cool Treats   by Anisa Cantero   The heat has arrived! Take the edge off Summer [...]
Homemade Doggie Treats

Willie Recommends….MUFFINS

With all the concern over dog treats, many of us are deciding to cook for our animals. The question then becomes, “What do I make?” I think the easiest way to start cooking for your dog is to begin with treats or snacks. We had an [...]

Forbidden Ingredients – Human Foods that are Harmful to Your Dog

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog By Anisa Cantero   If you are like me, you only want the best nutrition for your dog.  I don’t mean all raw meat, or all vegetable diets.  I’m talking great tasting everyday food that your pets [...]
Willie proudly wears his Thundershirt while posing with his Grandma.

What can help a dog fearful of thunder storms?

In our last two installments, we have been discussing thunder and lightening during storms. This phenomenon clearly upset a large percentage of dogs, but the question is why. I have been sharing some of the information I’ve come across. I [...]

Natural Flea and Tick Control

Follow us on twitter @picksdog Did you know that many items and plants you might find around your house and yard, are good natural agents for flea and tick control? Without further ado, let’s begin. Diatom Dust/Diamataceous Earth (food [...]

Pets and Chocolate: A Toxic Combination

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog   Chocolate is more than a tasty treat for humans. We reach for it to boost our moods and brighten our days. Chocolate is one love affair we won’t be giving up anytime soon. But as good as it makes us feel, [...]
Sticky note - Day 2

The Sticky Note Challenge – Day 2

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