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Are Invisible Fences the Answer For You?

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog Just about all dog owners have to consider the issue of containment for their dogs.  Allowing a dog to run loose is a sure way to invite trouble.  Your dog could be killed, injured, picked up by animal control, [...]
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The Holidays Are Not The Best Time To Get A Puppy

Puppies need lots of sleep. Many people think that the best time to get a new puppy is over the holidays.  However, is this the best time for the puppy? Okay, so you pick up your new puppy, just in time for yourself along with your family [...]

Why Does He Want to Lick My Face?

DOES YOUR DOG LICK YOUR FACE?   It can mean a lot of different things when a dog licks. Licking is not only a form of communication for dogs, they also use licking for eating and grooming. So it serves them for multiple purposes. That’s  [...]
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How to Deter Barking

By Robert Williams                 Big or small, large or round, each and every dog has the instinct to bark: and bark a lot. I certainly know my dog did. If your dog is like my dog, products only work temporarily. Below I have [...]

Why You Should Neuter Your Dogs and Cats

  Research has proven that neutered dogs and cats make much better pets and consequently better members of the community,  because they are at home with their owners and not wandering the streets.  Keeping your cats contained and dogs on [...]

Why Does My Dog Like Toilet Paper?

Have you ever come home only to discover that your dog has strung toilet-paper throughout your house?  Many dog owners have dogs that seem to have a toilet paper fetish.  They like  to grab the toilet paper from the roll in the bathroom and [...]