Things to Consider Before Buying a Bird

Where to start… First we have to consider the following : The price of a parrot varies in large bounds in dependence with the species. You can buy for example a budgie for less than $10.00. The price of the cockatiel varies between $25 [...]
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Destructive Digging: Why it Happens and How to Stop It

Digging is a natural instinct, rooted deep within canine ancestry. In fact, because of selective breeding and domestication, some dog breeds tend to dig more than others. For example, “Earth dogs” like Dachshunds and Terriers, were bred [...]

How to Attract Hummingbirds – Backyard Bird Feeders (Part 1)

                         By Jennifer F. Bird watching is an enjoyable pastime and a beloved hobby for many people across the globe. Birds are completely fascinating creatures to watch and we adore the antics of the many types [...]

The Sticky Note Challenge – Day 3

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Sticky note - Day 2

The Sticky Note Challenge – Day 2

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The Sticky Note Challenge for Pet Owners

  Follow us on Twitter @picksdog What’s a Sticky Note Challenge?  Thought y’all would never ask. For our purposes, the Sticky Note Challenge is the pet version of  ’Operation Beautiful’. What’s ‘Operation Beautiful’?   The [...]
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FREE PET SITTING: CAUTION! What’s a Value Worth, for Your Pet Care

 Follow us on twitter @ picksdog.com  By Shannon Cole During holiday seasons pet owners are in a scramble to find somebody to care for their pets. The first concern that often comes to mind is cost.  People want a good VALUE for their dollar [...]
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Pigeons As Pets – Part 2

Follow us on twitter @ picksdog Pet lovers are embracing the joys of adopting dogs and cats from shelters in ever greater numbers but few people realize how many birds there are in shelters needing to be adopted.   I created MickaCoo Pigeon [...]
Pet Insurance

Why it’s Important to get Pet Insurance and Three (3) Great Tips, on How To Do It!

Follow us on twitter @picksdog When we think of taking care of our family we always make sure that we can provide them with the best care possible. We search for the best and healthy food, clothing to keep everyone warm and a comfortable home. [...]

Pet Sitting Services – What Questions to Ask

Follow us on twitter @picksdog Pet sitters are everywhere.  How to weed thru them and find the best one for you is key. You should look for pet care in the same way that you would look for child care. You may be able to get a neighbor or teenager [...]