Summer Heat Cool Treats


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 Summer Heat Cool Treats




Summer Heat Cool Treats



Anisa Cantero


The heat has arrived! Take the edge off Summer heat with a refreshing cool treat for your beloved canine friend!

Just like you enjoy a Popsicle, a refreshingly cool fan or a dip in the pool, so does your pet. In fact, with their fur insulating them, your pet may be suffering more that you realize. Excessive panting and sweating from the tongue, listlessness, and loss of appetite are all signs of overheating.

Take care of your pet. Never not even for one minute leave your pet in a closed car. Temperatures can rise to a deadly level within minutes. No amount of time saved is worth your pet suffering!. Shut yourself up in the car and see how long you can last!

Here are a few of the things I do to ease the summer heat for my pets.

  • Provide a Spring haircut. This helps immensely!

  • Provide shade and water outdoors. Bring your pet inside when temperatures rise above 90 degrees.

  • If your pet is in distress, bath them in cool water and place them near a fan.

  • Hose play is terrific fun. Just be sure to run the water until cold. Water can reach scalding temperatures while sitting in the hose line under the sun. Supervise children. Never spray the water into your dogs eyes, ears or mouth.

  • Limit outdoor activity between 10am and 4pm. The dirt can be hot enough to burn tender paws and cement is worse. It breaks my heart watching ignorant pet owners drag their dogs along the hot pavement, all the while their dogs are jumping and pleading to get up off the concrete!

  • Provide a cheap child’s wading pool for your dog to cool off in. Try cutting up a favorite treat and tossing into the pool! I like to slice up hotdogs. Get your camera out because it will be hilarious! Remember to wipe out the pool with a Handi Wipe when done.

  • Offer a frozen treat. Freeze broth in ice cube trays and give as a treat when hot. They can be messy so I keep them on the kitchen floor. Frozen Meatballs come precooked in the bag. My dogs love to gnaw and cool down at the same time!

A little common sense goes a long way. Place yourself in your pets shoes. If you would be uncomfortable then your pet will be too! So be a heat savvy pet parent and help your friend endure the dog days of summer in comfort

For more great treat ideas check out:

 Book cover 150x150 Summer Heat Cool Treats


30 Cheap Leftover Treats

Your Dog Will Die For

This delightful collection of 30 treats can be made from the ingredients already in your kitchen.

Save Money!!!

Don’t give your pet friend highly processed, bland, dried out and possibly contaminated, store bought treats!

Pamper your friend and have fun turning leftovers into mouth watering tidbits your pet will beg and bark for.

Children will love helping create treats and watching their canine friends munch out.

Use the Beggin Barks Scale to rate how your pet reacts to each offering.

Create your own treat ideas by exchanging ingredients and designs.

Make economical gifts, at home!

 There are bonus recipes included! That makes 35 Tasty Treats!

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