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Training a dog, using positive reinforcement, often calls for the use of dog treats. I recommend that these treats be small, soft and something your dog loves.

Keep in mind that treats should only account for a small portion of your dog’s diet. Too many treats may lead to obesity in dogs and other health problems.

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The following are some great ideas, for treats you can use to train your dog:


It is not, typically, recommended to give your dogs table scraps but you may want to make an exception, when you teach your dog an emergency recall.  This command is used to ensure that your dog will come to you immediately, in any emergency situation.  In this case, non-toxic, human food may teach your dog this command quicker.  This is also the most important command and can save your pets life.

Table Scrap Training Exceptions:

Hot Dogs – All Beef or Turkey

Hot dogs are a quick, inexpensive treat. Dogs who aren’t motivated to work, for other types of treats, will often respond to hot dogs.  Cook them, cut them up into small pieces and keep them chilled or in the refrigerator, until you are ready to work with your dog.

Cheese – Chunks or String

The individual packaging, of the string cheese, makes it convenient.  It’s soft and is easy to break off.  Blocks of cheese can be cut, in advance, and kept in the refrigerator or chilled. Cheese is good  for training..

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Packaged Training Treats

There are numerous dog treats, available.  Some of the ones that I recommend the most are:

Bil-Jac Little Jacs Small Dog Treat – Liver flavored, which most dogs love along with being a healthy snack.

Bil-Jac Yapple-Nanas Dog Treats – Apple and Banana flavored and a healthy snack.

Solid Gold Supplements Tiny Tots – “Tiny Treats for Tiny Tots” – These are good for all ages of small dog breeds. (Lamb, brown rice, oats…)

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers – These chewy, bite size treats are very healthy and come in multiple flavors.

Lickety Sticks – This is a liquid that comes in a bottle, with a roller ball.  Each stick has over 500 licks and each 10 licks is less than a calorie.

Tasty Drops Dog Treats – For the dogs that likes Carob, sweet potato, peanut butter, yogurt and mint, these drops are good for everyday snacking and training.

Natural Balance Duck & Potato Treat Rolls – This is the perfect training treat for dogs with allergies. The soft roll allows you to break off as large or small a treat or snack, as needed.

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by Jennifer Fiorentino

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