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“It ain’t how hard you hit, it’s how hard you can hit and keep moving forward”
-Rocky Balboa

On January 4th a three alarm fire took place at a warehouse in Houston, Texas. As the fire blazed out of control authorities became aware of three dogs that may still be in the warehouse. Local community members began looking for the dogs and they were found in an adjacent warehouse where a, down on his luck, man was living and had taken them in. Along with two small dogs a third dog was also there.  This  Boxer was resting in the corner, appropriately named Rocky.

After completing a welfare check, on the smaller dogs, authorities allowed them to stay with the man and Rocky was taken to Abbott Animal Clinic. Rocky had been injured from the fire. He was badly burned on his back, along the left side of his body, his feet and the tip of his ear and had a 104 degree fever. The vet gave Rocky a better than 50/50 chance but Rocky had, and still has, a long road ahead of him.

What began as an initial quote of roughly two thousand dollars, to treat Rocky, the fees quickly swelled to $20-25K. As those of you reading know, pet care can be expensive.  A Facebook page was created to help raise donations, to help offset the cost of Rocky’s recovery.  The power of social media rose to the occasion and people from around the world chipped in, posted and reposted his story across all media and sent treats to this intrepid Boxer, named Rocky.

Rocky has begun a painful and laborious treatment to remove the burned skin, prevent infection and start the long road towards recovering his dogness. Through it all, he has shown the same type of mettle that Rocky Balboa showed, when he was fighting Apollo Creed in the 1976 classic “Rocky”. Just as Rocky Balboa went the distance in the movie, Rocky the Boxer has shown the same aplomb.

With his slight under bite, Rocky rises each day and while not necessarily drinking raw eggs or punching meat as Rocky Balboa did, he shows the same determination to win and survive. A drive that is matched only by the community that has popped up online to cheer him on and insure Rocky gets the treatment he needs and deserves.

Rocky still has a few months of recovery ahead of him and will undoubtedly need more support. Rocky’s story is fantastic and beautiful and speaks to the power of the love we have for animals. Everyone involved, from the down on his luck man who gave up his only blanket, to the people that found him and took him to Abbott Animal Clinic, to see the Veterinarians’ and Vet Techs and volunteers, to the Facebook and social media community supporters, to the news outlets who covered the story, to all the people who sent money, medicine, goodies and prayers, they all deserve one huge thank you.

Sadly, as the Facebook page has begun to show and anyone reading this knows, Rocky is not alone. While his story is definitely unique and shows all signs of continuing to be positive, we can’t forget that dogs are mistreated, abused and forgotten about every day. We’d love to save them all if we could but we can’t. What we can do is simply send a prayer out for our forgotten four legged friends. Rocky the Boxer is proof positive that the message gets through.

Rocky the Boxer is very much like the character of Rocky Balboa. Where Stallone’s Rocky Balboa went the distance to become a champion,  there can be no mistake that Rocky the Boxer will go the distance as well. Rocky is more than just a survivor, he is a testament to the power of love and the epitome of strong will. Check out his Facebook page to track his progress and say hi.


(Correction: Rocky was first treated at Abbott Animal Clinic but was transferred to Adline Animal Hospital where all his treatment has taken place.)

Signature 300x192 Rocky The BoxerKeith R. Higgons and his girlfriend Deirdre, along with their two dogs, Rufus and Ruby, and two cats, Lucy and Lulu, live in Brooklyn, New York. By day a Media Specialist and by night a playwright and freelance writer. You can follow him at keithrhiggons.com , on Twitter: @krhiggons and on tumblr at keithrhiggons.tumblr.com.

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