“Ranger” – Amazing Rescue Horse

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This horse has more personality than any horse I have ever known,every day I am amazed by the things he does!  I want to tell you a story about this horse…

We also board here, at Rocky Acres.  One of our boarders brought in a new horse, a wild mustang stallion.  He showed up a day early and we did not have the pen ready for him yet.  While Tom was working on it the boarder unloaded the stallion.  This horse knows nothing and has no respect or manners, mind you, and he does not lead right, either.  Long story short, he got away from the boarder, in the front pasture, and Ranger held him off the fence line away from the mares. 

We did a little moving around and decided to put him in the pen right off the front pasture, until we could get the other one finished.  By now it was 10pm.  At midnight Tom came in and the horse still wasn’t in the pen.  It took the boarder until 4am to get him in. 

The next day we worked on the pen but had to wait for the boarder to come back out to get him moved.  We opened two pastures up, so that the horses had some room.  At about 9pm we heard horrible squills from the stud and it wasn’t stopping.  We both went outside to find the stud had broken out. 

Now just picture this…Here is Ranger standing length ways, in the gate, blocking the stud from getting through and holding all the other horses back on the other side!  We have 9 mares.  He stood his ground and would not let either side get through.  Tom made it out to shut the gate and Ranger turned and walked back in with the mares.  His job was done.

It gave me chills just thinking what could have happened if that wild stallion had gotten in there…. AMAZING!  Now if this doesn’t do it for you, when the baby “TUFF ODDS” was born… there was Ranger standing guard, not letting another horse get close to him or Momma…so close with the birth this Big White Horse has blood on his face, from the birth.  He has stood guard watching the baby ever since it was born!  Words can not express how we feel about the Amazing Horse “Ranger”

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