Puppy Love

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This is a dog’s love story. Well, some might say it’s more dependence than love; others might say it’s just peculiar. But there’s one thing everyone who knows our dog agrees on: It’s reeeally cute!

  Puppy Love

Our dog Baxter is an 18-month-old cavapoo (cavalier spaniel /poodle mix) who never goes anywhere without his stuffed toy, who we have cleverly named “Puppy.” Oh Baxter might run around the house or take a nap sans his toy. But he never ventures much distance without grabbing his Puppy for company.


 If you think I exaggerate, let me be specific about this constant companionship. Baxter is a friendly and playful sort who has abundant toys to play with. And he plays with them all – one right after the other, as if he’s trying to give each toy equal time (he wouldn’t want to neglect anyone, after all). But in the midst of playing with one of his other stuffed animal friends, such as Stinky the Skunk, when it’s time to go bye-bye or outside, Baxter abandons all and runs for his Puppy. 


He also favors playing tug with his Puppy over his other toys; hence, th Puppy Lovee Puppy has been stitched, stuffed and shampooed more than an aging movie star.

When relaxing at home or waiting for us at the door, riding in the car, taking a walk through the neighborhood or the park, and, yes, even when he’s “going,” Baxter’s puppy is in tow – or should I say, in mouth!


This story of puppy love began when Baxter himself was a pup. The stuffed Puppy was Baxter’s first toy when we brought him home at just nine weeks old. Weighing barely five pounds, Baxter was virtually the same size as his beloved toy puppy. As Baxter grew to his full size of nearly 20 pounds, the Puppy endured wrestling, biting, tugging, chewing and being dragged through rain, snow and sleet, causing Baxter to love it all the more.


  Puppy Love     Puppy Love      Puppy Love

          Waiting                                      Riding                                          Walking

Who doesn’t want a friend on whom you can rely absolutely? A friend who makes you feel safe, at home, loved and accepted. A friend who will always be there for you – with no judgments, no arguments, no competition for treats.
 Puppy Love

Like parents fearful of losing their toddler’s favorite toy, we are as protective of the Puppy as  we are of  Baxter. Repeated mending is a must, but at the advice of our vet, we have an identical back-up Puppy tucked away for the inevitable day when Baxter’s first toy “goes to live on a farm.”


Barb Pruitt enjoys raising Baxter with her husband Don and son Wes in Overland Park, Kansas.



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