Pet Sitting Services – What Questions to Ask

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Pet sitters are everywhere.  How to weed thru them and find the best one for you is key.

You should look for pet care in the same way that you would look for child care.

You may be able to get a neighbor or teenager to check on, feed, let your pet outside or maybe walk them but what if you need someone to STAY with your pet?

Begin by asking your veterinarian along with your friends, that have their own pet, who they use and/or recommend.

Talk and meet the ‘actual’ pet sitters not just the manager or owner.

Here are a few questions that you should ask along with items that you make want to check into, before making your final decision.

What are their qualifications?

Were they prepared for your consultation?

What qualifies them, as a professional?

Do they have comprehensive training, in the industry?

What types of care Certifications do they have, including First Aid Training.

Do they have Pet Sitter Insurance and are they Bonded, as well?

Is there a clean criminal history, readily available?

Emergency veterinary services. Do they have contacts and if so where?


Each sitting service should have:

    Veterinary Release/Authorization Forms

    Daily Checklists and/or Pet Report Cards

    Contract of services

Do they sound knowledgeable?  Did they respond quickly to any question that they couldn’t answer, while on-site?


It’s imperative to have signed guardianship papers, in case emergency veterinary care is needed.  This is especially important, if you are traveling out of the country.  Veterinarians are required to speak and get a verbal release from the pet’s owner, prior to examination, in certain states.


Who is your preferred veterinarian?  Are there certain veterinary facilities that you would prefer your pet be taken?

Does your pet have particular medical needs and medication instructions?  Do they need to be taken to your veterinarian, on a specific schedule?


Make sure to leave your sitter with:

    Telephone number, where you can be reached

    Local contact name and number, that can answer questions and/or make decisions, on your behalf, if needed

    Feeding instructions

    Number of visits expected per day, along with expectations per visit


Let the sitter know, when coming into your home:

     What areas, in your home are ‘off base’.

     Where they are to sleep, if you expect them to stay overnight.

     What facilities and appliances can and can’t be used i.e. refrigerator, restroom, shower, oven.

     Are they allowed to be accompanied and if so by whom?


How many hours, minimum, do you expect them to be at your home per day.

Are they to stay at your home each night, all night?

What are your pet’s sleeping instructions?

What is the best way for you to get in touch with the service and or the sitter, to get an update while away?

     telephone numbers, email address

Can you receive emailed and/or text pictures, of your pet?


Looking and reading this may seem daunting but knowing that your loved one is taken care of will give you the peace of mind to have a more comfortable and enjoyable time away.

What Next?

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