Natural Flea and Tick Control

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Flea and Tick Plant Natural Flea and Tick Control

Did you know that many items and plants you might find around your house and yard, are good natural agents for flea and tick control?

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Diatom Dust/Diamataceous Earth (food grade).  This is an excellent agent for use in the yard.  (I’ve used it in the house, but won’t do that again as it clogged up the vacuum cleaner)

Salt (plain old cheap table salt)  This is good for upholstery and carpet that has color that won’t be affected by salt. (patch test first to be sure the salt won’t damage your carpet or upholstery in any way! I can’t stress this enough!)

Why it works: Both of these are drying agents.  Fleas and ticks need a certain moisture content to survive, and it’s held in by a waxy coating to the external portion of the creatures exoskeleton, or, shell.   The abrasive qualities of either the salt or the diatom dust scratch away at the exoskeleton, exposing the shell.

Without the moisture or the waxy coating to preserve moisture, the exoskeleton of the flea/tick will crack open.  Once that happens, the internal moisture gets sucked out by the Diatom Dust or the salt, which will, in due course, results in the creatures’ demise.

How to apply:  Diatom dust is applied to the yard in much the same way one would apply pelletized fertlizer.  From there you just leave it to do its thing.

Salt is sprinkled inside the house, especially in cracks between floorboards, trim, etc.  Let it sit for a few days, then vacuum.  Repeat as necessary.


Now..if you wish to use herbal solutions out in the yard, here are some plants that will help keep away the pests that aggravate our beloved pets so much.

I’m told that the scents of these plants will help repel fleas and ticks.  I’ve used this method  in my own yard, and have had acceptable luck with it, and a decent looking garden while I was at it.

I have had luck with growing Marigolds, and Lavender.

Marigolds are easy to grow and like full sun.  They come in many colors.  Consult with your local garden supply center for the colors that best suit you.

Lavender is also easy to grow. It needs sun and lots of drainage, and it’s a pretty shade of purple.

I have friends that swear by growing lemon verbena and peppermint.    I have grown lemon verbena myself, around the perimeter of my yard.  I found it easy to grow in full sun with good draining soil.

Peppermint, on the other hand, seems to like partial sun, according to my friends who have grown it.

Last, but not least, I have friends that have grown fennel and swear that it repels fleas.  Fennel seems to like full sun and good draining soil.

Now, none of these are 100% cure-alls if you’ve got a flea or tick problem.  However..every little bit of repellent ability, or ability to dry out fleas and ticks without having to resort to harsh chemicals, helps!

Happy Gardening!

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