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For a pet owner, losing your pet may be one of the most stressful times ever imagined.  Your cherished pup may only have been outside for a brief amount of time, then all of a sudden they are gone.  Whether they went to the neighbor house, or halfway to the state line, when you realize that a pet has disappeared it can be  a little bit unnerving.  Once you see that their collar with tags, is lying on the kitchen table that can elevate the stress to a completely new level.  It is at this point, that your glimmer of hope seems pretty slim.  The fact is, however, that your stress could have easily been avoided.

 At some point in their life, one third of all pets will possibly become lost which is quite shocking.  According to statistics, approximately 22% of dogs that are lost and end up in a shelter, will be reunited with their owner.  Though this can be somewhat disheartening, microchips can bring new hope.  More than  53% of lost dogs that have microchips will be reunited with their owners.  A microchip that is no larger than a grain of rice,  could determine whether you will see your beloved pet once again.

A  veterinarian can insert a microchip underneath the skin of your pet in a similar fashion as a common  vaccination.  The use of anesthesia is not a requirement.  Every microchip has a unique identification code that can be read by a specialized scanner.  The pet owners contact information such as phone number and address is contained on that microchip.  Despite the advancement of technology, getting a microchip is actually quite affordable, and many shelters will offer micro chipping services for as little as $25. The best part about the microchip is that it  will last for all of your pet’s life.

Microchip technology has many benefits that outweigh the small risks of chip migration or inflammation where the implant was placed.  Every year more pets die, while being lost, than from the accumulation of all serious diseases.  A pet microchip does not wear off, scratch illegibly or fall off unlike the traditionally worn collar tags.  The other benefit is that no charging is required.  Everything becomes hassle free once the application procedure is complete.  There may be only one additional step needed and that is to change your contact information if you should move.

Despite your pet being microchipped, they should still wear a collar with the proper tags.  A microchip implant is an added measure that will help ensure that your pet will be returned to you if she should stray.  A pet collar can come unbuckled, so even if they do have the proper ID tags on the collar, it will be worthless.  By ensuring that your pet has a proper collar with tags, as well as a microchip, your chances of seeing them returned to you are far greater.


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