Little Known Breeds Series: Mulassier Drafts

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Bon Jour! My name is Mickaël. I am a member of a very special and rare breed called Mulassier. That’s a French word that mMulassier Drafts 2 Little Known Breeds Series: Mulassier Drafts eans “mule-breeder”. I am a draft horse from…well….France. Even though we are big, we mature late but our bones are very strong and it takes alot to get us upset. While I myself am bay, my family is a brilliant mixture of colors. We come in every solid color you can find and we are the only French draft horse to be found in . Today, we are mostly used for pulling buggies, but I am a therapy horse for disabled riders.

We are a very old breed; been around since the 10th century in medieval times. Rumor has it that a cowboy’s Andelusian told my neighbor’s miniature horse, who told me that my breed is descended from those ancient drawing on the walls of caves…but I don’t know how much I believe it. People don’t usually prefer our type because in the old days we were used to produce mules. Just doesn’t seem very fair to me. I remember my dam telling me, Mulassier Drafts 3 300x178 Little Known Breeds Series: Mulassier Drafts when I was just a foal, that in the 1800’s our breed reached an all time high at around 50,000 but because of cross breeding, people began to doubt our purity. Apparently there was a small group of people who kept us pure and today there are fewer than 400 of us left.

They tried to create a studbook for us in order to keep track of us but thMulassier Drafts 4 Little Known Breeds Series: Mulassier Drafts ey closed it after just 38 years in 1922. Then the humans started a breeders’ association in 1923 but by 1945, my breed was almost exclusively bred for meat. Because they slaughtered us for so long, our population dropped to 250 by 1970. Thankfully, the humans realized their mistake and decided to start a conservation in our name and we have carefully and slowly started to make a comeback. Even though we are getting more and more popular, our kind is still in danger of extinction.

Author: Danielle Zackery

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