How to Spot A Real Pet Friendly Hotel

dogtravel1 How to Spot A Real Pet Friendly Hotel


If you are thinking of traveling with your best furry friend, it’s important that you find the right pet friendly accommodations that will suit both of your needs while on vacation.  In today’s competitive lodging market it seems like every day there is a new “pet friendly” place to bring Fido, but are they really?

The trick that you need to learn is to find the vacation spot that has the amenities, services and comforts to make your stay with your dog a wagging experience that you both will love.

Such hotels have the potential to keep your pets happy and occupied so you can spend less time battling boredom and more time enjoying your vacation together. The following tips will provide some guidance about where to look for and what to expect from “dog-friendly” accommodations.

5 tips for finding dog-friendly accommodations.

  1. There’s a load of information out there for pet lovers planning dog friendly travel. The internet is a great place to start, such as www.dogfriendly.com, which features a large U.S data base, plus reviews. Checking out your favorite pet forum or ask your favorite pet blogger for resources will help to get your paws on the right track.

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  1. When choosing a pet friendly hotel, sometimes it’s less about what the hotel offers and more about where it’s located.  A dog friendly hotel in the middle of the business district of a busy city is not going to give you dog friendly places to walk your dog.  Better to find places near large parks, or near a dog friendly lake or beach. Are there places nearby that offer pet-friendly attractions, restaurants or pubs that you both can attend? Is there a shop to buy provisions for your dog? A holiday with your dog stuck in the hotel due to there is nowhere to go is not what your furry friend had in mind.
  2. A good pet-friendly hotel will sometimes offer some special amenities strictly for our four-legged traveling companions. For example, some hotels will offer a pet bed, along with food and water bowls. Some have been known to leave a doggie treat in the room, much like they might leave a mint on the pillow for you.

dogtravel2 How to Spot A Real Pet Friendly Hotel

  1.  Is the room dog friendly? A hotel decked out in whites and cream may not be the best option if your pooch gets muddy. Trying finding places with hardwood floors, spacious bathrooms and room for your dog to sleep.  Make sure the room is doggy proof, such as proper balcony covers so you dog can’t jump out.
  2. What are the rates for dogs and what services does the dog get for his nightly rate? Many hotels are starting to adding special features for dogs, such as dog walking, sitting and even spa services. Paying a fee that only lets you sprint across the lobby to your room, is really not a holiday for anyone.



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