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There is nothing  better than having a well-trained dog.  Quite the social creature, a dog is not as likely to annoy other people by jumping on them or even worse; biting them!  A well trained dog can calm himself even under a stressful situation.

Another benefit of a well-trained dog is that it is more common for them to stay with their Owner.   An untrained dog can very soon become a frustration and often are abandoned.  According to a statistic from the American Veterinary Medical Association, 96% of dogs that wind up in a shelter had no training.

When you decide to train  your dog, you will be setting important boundaries for them.  This will allow your dog to be more comfortable around other people.  If you are unsure of how to start, there are numerous dog-training programs as well as professional trainers that you may choose amongst.

Even though dog trainers are not in short supply, there are some things you need to consider before choosing one. Asking for referrals from family and friends is a wonderful method of finding someone  that you can trust.  You may also discover a trainer that you wish to avoid.

Once you find a trainer that you wish to consider, you should investigate the method that they use, when training. There are several methods that each trainer may use.  It is crucial that you are comfortable with their method of choice.  If you are not familiar with a certain method the trainer should be able to explain anything, such as why they use a particular method over another and what the benefits are of using the method.

Even if you find a trainer or decide to train your dog by yourself, there are some basic commands that you need to teach your dog.  It is extremely important that you socialize your dog.

  1. You need to teach your dog how to deal with a stranger.  Your dog should realize that they will meet people that they do not know and that reacting violently to these people is not okay.  Take your dog for many walks around your neighborhood.  It is a wonderful way to socialize your dog.
  1. As well as people, your dog needs to socialize with other dogs.  Try a  dog park, dog training class or doggy day care, so that your dog can learn these very important skills of interaction.
  1. Walking at a steady pace on a leash is another important skill that your dog should learn. You can start this training in their puppy stages.
  1. Using a crate in your training is a great way to get your dog used to being able to stay in a kennel or den, being somewhat confined area, when you find it to be necessary.
  1. One of the most basic but important skills to teach your dog is to sit.  Usually this is the first skill a pet owner will teach their dog.
  1. Another thing that should be taught is the down/stand command.  This basic command can help your dog to deal with a busy environment, as well as distractions.

There are many benefits of taking the time to train your dog.  Make sure that you are aware that these basic commands will not eliminate all problems, that may develop later.  Dog training should be an ongoing task and should be tailored to meet the needs specifically of your dog.  Having a well-trained dog as a pet makes them more enjoyable to be around and will allow you to feel closer to your pet.

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