How To Dog Proof Your Home

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We all know that dogs bring joy to their owners, act as their best friend and are also a great source of happiness.  The truth is that sometimes these same dogs can bring pain to their owners by tearing their owner’s home apart.  When you get a new puppy and preferably prior to you bringing him home, a wise move would be to make your home dog proof.  Only after this should you think about training your dog.

Before you bring your furry friend home

Most dog owners bring home their pets as puppies.  This means that the new pet is young, almost brand new to life and wants to chew everything.  They’re in that teething stage.  He will investigate everything he can and poke his nose everywhere possible.  Not all new owners know much about the background of their new pets, so they have no idea if their puppy has any house manners or if they have been allowed to be in a home.  It is best not to take any chances.  You need to protect your home and your puppy, by making it dog proof.

Dog Proofing Your House

What do you do first?  You have to get down to your new pets level and view your home, from his eye level.  What can he reach on the floor on chairs and low tables?  Typically, that includes cables, wires, shoes, glasses, candy dishes, remote controls, purses, magazines and more.

Look around, is there anything that could be broken?  Now is the time to put it away.  You’ll be able to bring things back out and return items, to their proper places, after your puppy has a little training.

Are there any items on your floor that a young inquisitive dog could want to investigate, if so your dog will do just that and most likely try to eat it.  He’s actually teething and any item, that he does get a hold of, should be replaced with a toy or chewy, something that he is allowed to chew on.

Some puppies may go for fluffy cushions,  pillow and other things, that may be on your sofa or in a chair.  To them, if it is there, that means that it is for them.  Anything that they can reach is fair game, as many an owner have found out to their regret.

Most puppies are not only very smart but also extremely inquisitive.  They are sure to explore your home, thoroughly, from one end to the other and from top to bottom.  They will be aware of anything new, that you  bring into your home, as well.  This means that your dog proofing efforts must be continuous and constant.  In addition you must be vigilant and keep an eye on your puppy, as well.  If he suddenly goes quiet, it is most likely that he is up to something.  It’s time to go in search of…

 A further recommendation is that you close off rooms,that you don’t use or don’t want him to enter.  Introducing him to these areas can be easier, once you feel that it is safe to do so.

No, you have not made a horrible mistake.

Yes, puppies are a handful.  The good news is that puppies outgrow this stage and you will be able to relax again.  A little patience goes a long way. You are going to be very happy with your wonderful companion!

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