How to Deter Barking

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By Robert Williams

                Big or small, large or round, each and every dog has the instinct to bark: and bark a lot. I certainly know my dog did. If your dog is like my dog, products only work temporarily. Below I have separated the article and thus solutions, by your dog’s stubbornness level. Start small and work big. No need to use a “stubborn” solution when an easy solution will work.

Easy Solutions for Unusual Dogs (AKA not Stubborn)

Anything that will mildly upset your dog will deter him from barking. We all know that this is probably not your dog, right? Well, you still need to try these. The first and easiest solution can be implemented right now: whenever your dog barks unnecessarily, take a spray bottle full of water and spray him, from about 3 feet away. A little bit of water should go a long way and if a little does not work, don’t soak your dog. If a bit of water has little effect, then acquire a can of “Pet Corrector”. It holds nothing but air and is very effective, in a home or if your dog is fairly close by.  Should that not do the trick, you’re not close enough to your pet or if you don’t have the time to get ‘involved’ in this training then move to a citronella collar. These collars are made to spray citronella whenever your dog barks. Hopefully, your dog does not like citronella. Hopefully, he or she does not like the citronella, like my dog did!    How to Deter Barking

Solutions for Moderately Stubborn Dogs

If your dog responds to negativity and your tone, you can verbally reprimand him or her when their barking is not tolerable. Don’t scream at your dog, but you need to be firm about what is allowed. Dogs that love being the center of attention will catch on fast. Or, conversely, if your dog responds to positive praise (either verbal or physical), do so when you get them to stop barking. Do this when in use with another method, otherwise your dog will think that you are encouraging their barking. If none of these work, time to take out the big gun.

The Big Gun for Incredibly Stubborn Dogs: The Vibrating to Shock Collar

 How to Deter Barking

                If your dog is anything like my dog, he barked to smell citronella, got upset when we verbally reprimanded him or her, but then continued to bark. Although he hated water, he did not care if we soaked him with the spray bottle. This leaves you no other choice: the shock collar. Although it sounds cruel, your dog’s fur helps to reduce the shock. Every time he or she barks, the collar will lightly shock (vibrate) him or her. For each time your dog continues, the current will get stronger gradually. Eventually, your dog should recognize the collar and just showing it to him or her will get your dog to stop barking. Also, putting it on without a battery should work for a couple of days. After this, my dog eventually learned that barking equals the shock collar which equals be quite ASAP. You might also be able to use this collar to deter other noise related behaviors, such as whining.


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