How to Attract Hummingbirds – Backyard Bird Feeders (Part 1)

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By Jennifer F.

Bird watching is an enjoyable pastime and a beloved hobby for many people across the globe. Birds are completely fascinating creatures to watch and we adore the antics of the many types of birds as they hunt and attempt to get the best food. For instance, Hummingbirds are tiny creatures full of wonder and can be lured to your backyard for your viewing pleasure. Let’s take a look at how we can choose a feeder to attract these beautiful birds.

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One of the most popular accessories for a bird watcher is a set of binoculars. They are an essential tool and could prove to be your first up close glimpse of our feathered friends. Binoculars must be able to keep images stabilized and is the most significant aspect for long-distance bird watching. It’s not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars, but it does pay to obtain a pair that can stand up to the terrain you’ll be traversing through and the weather you’ll have to endure. They also must be able to operate in dim lighting without fogging up. Birds are not stationary creatures, so you should be able to focus on them quickly. The hummingbird moves at a rapid pace, and in order to get a good look at them, you first must be able to attract them to your surroundings.

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Hummingbirds are very agile. It’s somewhat rare to get the chance to see them in the wild, most likely because they are not comfortable around humans. One way to eliminate this, is to provide a place for them to find supplementary food. A backyard bird feeder is a great option to attract them to your garden. The feeder can be filled with seeds and/or nectar, and one could even include a bird bath. This offers your new visitors the opportunity to splash about, get clean and have a refreshing drink. Bird feeders and bird baths can be purchased in pet stores or on the Internet, but one can even utilize their creative spark and build them on their own. It’s fun, and could save you a few extra bucks. Plus, it’s fairly simple, and a fun project which will just add to the satisfaction of watching your feathered friends flutter about.

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The sole purpose for being the proud owner of a hummingbird feeder is to witness these tiny birds in action. Cooper hummingbird feeders are most popular for luring these beautiful jewel-toned birds because the decorative effect has the ability to catch their attention quickly. There’s also a particular model called the Schrodt Facet Hummingbird Feeder and it is made entirely out of red cut-glass. The shape of this bottle resembles a prism. The base of the bottle is narrow, but the bottle widens as you go upwards. This will allow you to store enough nectar to last for a few days. The base is also consisted of copper which reflects light that shines on it.

These are just a few ways to extend an invitation to the beautiful, little birds we have grown to love. And, our gardens will be a little happier with their new friends and just add to its magical essence.

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