How Much Is A Friend Worth?

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How Much Is A Friend Worth?

 Submitted by GDTimothy

Harley, my best friend and constant companion of many years has lost the use of his back legs altogether now. He still has great spirit and is otherwise healthy, but he desperately needs wheels now to support his hindquarters. His front legs are strong and I’m sure he could walk, if only… Or he would need surgery on his back, the source of his problems. But I’m sure the vet would say that surgery would be too expensive since Harley is, after all, 15 years old.

Else, I am burdened with putting him down just because he can’t walk and because I do not have the resources to help him. There are those who have said that is it just “his time.” But I cannot yet kill my best friend – if Harley is to die, it will be by my own hand, not some stranger’s. I owe him that much.

In the meantime, I will carry him while I can, and wonder just how much money he is worth.


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