Christmas Present for Your Friend’s Pet

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You’ve been thinking of what to get your family and friends, what about their pets?  You can put something together without breaking the bank!


How about a gift basket or tote bag of different items?   There are many things to pick from, when it comes to pets.  Here are some ideas that would be helpful, fun and healthy.  Items that can actually be used would be appreciated and show that you care about the well being of their pet.

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When it comes to cats, we all know that they like to be petted.  There are quite a few brushes to pick from.  The cat would probably appreciate some toys.  One of my cat’s favorite toys is a wheel, with the ball inside it.  Balls that they can bat around and have bells are always good.  Cloth toys, with cat nip, will be a big hit.  Perhaps you can put all of your items in an inexpensive cat bed.  Top it off with some edible treats.  Put your items in a basket or waterproof tote bag that your friend could use again.  Grab a sweet or humorous card and bow and you are done!

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For the dog, items that are good for both the dog and his owner are easy.  Check out the shampoos.  I recommend going with a Hypo Allergenic or Oatmeal shampoo.  Stay away from the scented shampoos and perfumes, they can dry the skin and may irritate the dog or owner.   Waterless shampoo and leave in conditioners are typically good for the skin.   If the dog has long hair, you may think about a product for tangles.  Pick out a new brush or comb.  Typically, in the same section of the store, there will be some dental chews.  Dogs like them and they help to keep their teeth and gums healthy.  (Stay away from the treats.)


Find a dog/puppy toy that is age and size appropriate.  Throw all of your products in an inexpensive dog bed, basket or tote bag.  Pick out a sweet or humorous pet card and bow and you’re all set!

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You can also add a pet magazine, calendar and/or note pad, for your friend.


You’ll be one of the few that thinks of the pet and your gifts will definitely be appreciated and remembered.


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