Homemade Doggie Ice Cream.

What’s better in the heat of summer than a little ice cream to cool you down? Not much, and dogs agree. Frosty treats are delicious! However, most commercial ice creams come with too much sugar and other ingredients harmful to dogs. It’s not great for people either. There are some products in the grocery store that are like ice cream for dogs. We’ve all tried those products, and I never met a dog that didn’t love it. So what’s the problem? Well, for one, it’s quite expensive. And for another, there are things in the ingredient list that nobody really knows what they are for. If you can spell it, you shouldn’t eat it, and neither should your dog!

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Simple Frozen Treat for Dogs

This is the graphic that came across my facebook page. I was instantly interested!  I altered the process a little bit. I beat the bananas in a mixer until smooth. Then I added the peanut butter and let that totally incorporate until smooth. Lastly, I poured in the yogurt. I added a squirt of maple syrup to finish the mixture. Then I mixed it in an ice cream maker like I do with my own ice cream. I store it in an ice cream container and scoop in out just like people ice cream. As always, I suggest using organic ingredients. It’s better for dogs just like for people.

This recipe is very simple and quite tasty! Yes, I tried it out, too. It’s very good. Willie LOVES it. I sent over a carton of it when he went stayed over with a friend for a day last week when I was away. All the dogs just loved it. Homemade ice cream for dogs is a big hit. Highly recommend it to you! If you are unsure about preparing dishes for dogs, this is pretty easy. And like the muffins, I think it would also be a good treat for little kids.


web portrait 150x150 Homemade Doggie Ice Cream.Patty McGuire resides just outside Chalottesville, VA with her best buddy, Willie. Willie has his own blog at www.everybodyloveswillie.tumblr.com. An etsy store specializing in custom knits for bigger dogs is coming Fall 2013.

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