l Hate Clipping My Cat’s Claws’; A Statement That (Almost) Always Means Something Else.

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Once a month.  That’s how often Lou needs his claws clipped.

It is a (necessary) chore that I rate right up there with going to the gynecologist or the dentist.

Clipping Lou’s claws, however, although it’s done more often than visiting the doctor or my dentist, is something that I dread more than the prospect of visiting both the doctor and the dentist on the same day.  Not that I would, mind you..but you get the idea.

It goes like this:  Lou has always fought me all the way, when it comes to claw clipping.  From the first time, when he was 4.5 weeks old and he was getting accustomed to the idea of being handled and not just tucked into my shirt; to now, at the age of 5 years.

It’s not like I don’t know how to introduce an animal to being handled or don’t know how to introduce an animal to the concept of having its claws clipped.  I do.  I’ve been doing such things since I could walk and talk.

Lou, for his part, doesn’t mind being handled.  It’s just the claw clipping part that he will, absolutely, not abide by.

I used to think, that there wasn’t an animal alive whose claws I couldn’t clip.  Now, I know better.  Lou is a *fighter*.

I have never experienced another animal fighting me like this.

My first thought was that maybe Lou needs me, to not be the one to clip his claws.  Some pets are like that–positively angelic, when someone else does the grooming.  I don’t know why this is, but I’ve seen it occur often enough to believe in the concept.

So, I took Lou to a groomer and let the young ladies there handle his claw clipping, warning them up front that it might be a battle. The young ladies did not believe me.

Lou fought the young ladies’ grooming, tooth and nail; he took on 3 groomers at once. Lou won.

My next thought was that maybe 2 veteran groomers, myself and another groomer friend, could handle him.  Not without cat restraints and a towel (Lou will bite through a muzzle) we could not.

Because Lou is otherwise well-behaved, about most things, this claw-clipping battle is just something we do every month.  I’m a professional and I have a professional to assist me.

If Lou did this with a first-time cat owner, without a clue, I can’t imagine the reaction would be anywhere near as calm and rational as I’ve laid it out, in this post.

I know this, because I’ve heard plenty of tales about the horrors of pet grooming, from owners who just can’t or don’t know how and can’t cope with doing it themselves.

The fact of the matter is that there are some cats that require something that your average pet owner just can’t give or doesn’t know how to give or is afraid to give.

So for me, when I say ‘I hate clipping my cats’ claws’ it’s because it means I am somewhere in between ‘not thrilled’ and ‘somewhat embarrassed’ about what it actually takes to get Lou’s claws clipped.

What does it *really* mean, when you as a pet owner  say, ‘I hate clipping my cats’ claws?

Are you *really* saying ‘I hate clipping my cats’ claws’ or…is it something else?

Let me know in the comments below–I really want to hear about how you feel about clipping your cats’ claws.

Sassenach MacConney (Sass, for short) is an inventor of cat products and the Owner/CEO of LIVE LOVE MEOW, LLC  which is a ‘Cats Only’ pet supply company, located in New Hampshire, USA.   Lou, her faithful and somewhat opinionated gray and white cat, serves as house cat, shop cat, product tester and muse.



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