Grandpa, Our 30 year old Rescued Mule

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Grandpa the 30 year old Rescued Mule / www.rockyacreshorserescue.org


When “Grandpa” arrived here, at the Rescue, I wondered what we would have in store, taking in a Senior Rescue at the ripe old age of 30.  I have to tell you though, he has been a wonderful addition to Rocky Acres.
The “old Man”, as I call him, has loads of personality.  He absolutely loves children and attention. As we go, to do our daily chores, he is always right behind, making sure we are not missing anything.  He makes the rounds with us, checking on everyone and following our every step. 


We had a saddle out on the fence one day.  He was right there sniffing it and pulling on it, so this last week, we put it on him and he loved it! Kids get on and off of him and he is just as happy as ever! 
This photo was of grandpa following a horse we are working with.  He did not want to be left behind! We are looking forward to having many memories, with this Ole’guy. 
We had a girl out here, age 7, that was riding him around  She got off, to run over where their car was parked, and grandpa was not getting left behind. I look up to see the girl run by me with grandpa happily trotting right behind her, saddle and all. Is was as if he was saying, “Hey where are you going?”  ” I want to go too!”

Now that he is here, we couldn’t imagine life without him, at Rocky Acres. We’re looking forward to our future therapy program.  “Grandpa” will be at the top of the list, working with disabled kids and vets.

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