Forbidden Ingredients – Human Foods that are Harmful to Your Dog

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By Anisa Cantero


If you are like me, you only want the best nutrition for your dog.  I don’t mean all raw meat, or all vegetable diets.  I’m talking great tasting everyday food that your pets will enjoy!

Now that’s not as easy as it sounds with the many recalls on dog chews, treats and food.  My dogs loved Milos!  Even this trusted Purina brand was recently recalled due unapproved antibiotics in their product. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57563268/purina-milos-kitchen-recalling-some-dog-treats/

Fortunately, I began making my own homemade Doggie treats, from the leftovers already sitting around in my fridge, before this happened.!  So, in an effort not to unintentionally harm my dogs,  I began to research canine nutrition.  Searching for any kind of food that I could  re-purpose for treats. What I found was confusion.  Many recipes on the web contained one or more of the ingredients listed by Veterinarians, Nutritionists and leading  Breeders Associations to be harmful to canines.

What was going on?  There has been a lot of discussion and side taking about the following list of Forbidden Ingredients for dogs.  Vets, breeders and owners are taking sides and blogging all over the web.

One opinion is that all things in moderation.  That is to say, that a little baking soda or sugar won’t kill anyone.  The problem is that we are not talking about human diet, we are talking about canines.  If you read the ingredients on most treats, homemade or not, they will contain at Least one of the Forbidden Ingredients.  A little baking Powder will allow the dough to rise.  A little sugar will give a golden color.  A little milk will help bind the ingredients.  And the crazy toppings!!!  These efforts attempt to stimulate the human buyer, not the canine recipient.

The flip side of this argument is, why feed my beloved companion Anything that is harmful?  Would you consume a small amount of arsenic every time you had a steak because it was a good tenderizer?  Of Course Not!  Your pet can not always discern what is good for them or fatal.  So why not provide only the safest, freshest treats available.  Made with love by you!

So here is an excerpt from my new doggie treat book,

 30 Cheap Leftover Treats Your Dog Will Die For:


List of Forbidden Ingredients -  * See resources page

Avocado-Contains Persin which is toxic to dogs

Alcohol – Vomiting, Diarrhea

Baking Powder, Baking Soda – Both Highly Toxic

Bones – Splinters can lodge in throat

Onions and Garlic – Destroys red blood cells causing Anemia

Coffee, Tea – Caffeine in a large enough dose can be fatal

Grapes and Raisins – Can cause Kidney Failure

Milk and Other Dairy (Cheese is OK) – Diarrhea, Itching

Macadamia and Walnuts – Toxic

Candy and Gum -Contains Xylitol which increases insulin

Chocolate – Contains Theobromine which is toxic

Nutmeg and other spices -Allergic Reactions

Persimmons, Peaches and Plums – Seeds contain Cyanide

Raw Eggs – Salmonella

Raw Meat and Fish – Contain Bacteria that causes food poisoning

Sugar, Soda – My Vet say’s canine’s process sugar differently

Yeast – Gas can cause severe abdominal pain

Your Medication – The #1 cause of Poisoning in dogs.

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Book cover 150x150 Forbidden Ingredients   Human Foods that are Harmful to Your Dog


     30 Cheap Leftover Treats Your Dog Will Die For

This delightful collection of 30 treats can be made from the ingredients all ready in your kitchen.  Save Money!!! Don’t give your pet friend highly processed, bland, dried out and possibly contaminated store bought treats!  Pamper your friend and  have fun turning leftovers into mouth watering tidbits your pet will beg and bark for.

Children will love helping create treats and  watching their canine friends munch out.  Use the Beggin Barks Scale to rate how your pet reacts to each offering.

Create your own treat ideas by exchanging ingredients and designs.

Make economical gifts at home!  OH!!! I ALMOST FORGOT!!!  There are bonus recipes included!  That makes 35 Tasty Treats!

Available from Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C8G3EU2


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