Dogs Just Want To Have Fun Part 4


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          Welcome to part 4 and more positive, fun activities for you and your best friend.

      Play every day at the same time to encourage routine. Your dog can tell when playtime is near and will look forward to it!


  • Supervise children – Never Tease.

  • Play gently – Mouths are tender especially with small breeds. Don’t jerk too hard or you will have a doggie dental bill!

  • Limit play to about 10 minutes at a time then rest and offer fresh clean water.

    Favorite Games

  • Exploring – Go somewhere new!

  • Food dispensing toy – Try placing a toy inside of a shoe box that has been taped closed and has vents cut into it. Supervise play and take away the box when your pet opens it!

  • Ice cube – Give your dog an ice cube and supervise while they play. Also try broth.

  • Go for a ride – Even just around the block breaks up the monotony!

  • Teach a Trick – Shake Hands – Have your dog sit. Take his paw and shake. Praise and treat. Repeat. Soon, raise your hand and say “Shake”, your dog will raise his paw! Treat!

  • Take your pet to doggie daycare once in a while. – It will be a treat for the both of you!

  • Run and slide – Exactly that, stocking feet and a hardwood floor will have your pet sliding and coming back for more!

       Do something different and exciting at least once a week. Keep your dog excited to learn and play while bonding with you!

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