Dogs Just Want to have fun part 3

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    Welcome to Part 3and more awesome games to play with you pet child.

 Play every day at the same time to encourage routine. Your dog can tell when playtime is near and will look forward to it!


  • Supervise children – Never Tease.

  • Play gently – Mouths are tender especially with small breeds. Don’t jerk too hard or you will have a doggie dental bill!

  • Limit play to about 10 minutes at a time then rest and offer fresh clean water.

Favorite Games

  •  Chasing Bubbles – Great outdoor activity. Supervise children. Dogs will want to snap at the bubbles.
  •  The Shell Game – Three paper cups+ 1 treat. Show your pet the treat. have them watch as you place the treat under one of the paper cups. Shuffle the cups. Let your pet choose which cup containing the treat to get it!
  • Freeze – Hold a treat above your dogs head. Have them wait in a sitting position. Then say

    Go Crazy!”. Both of you start jumping around, laugh, clap hands, dance….then, suddenly say “Freeze!” Everyone stops and your pet goes back to sitting position. Preschoolers love this game shared with a pet!

  • Jumping – Create an obstacle course. Place a broom between chairs tempting your dog to jump over. Reward them for trying.

  • Hoops – Hula Hoops can be a great training tool. Teach your dog all kinds of tricks!

  • Teach a Trick – Pull a wagon – If you have a large breed, hitch him up to the kids wagon and reward when he pulls. Keep it a short distance!

  • Swimming – Again not all breeds are good swimmers. Take your dog to a lake or pool to see how they react. You may have a real water lover!

     Remember how much fun it was to get as new game or toy as a child? Treat your pet to the same thrill by simply spending time sharing a new activity! Your pet will love you all the more!

  Look for Part 4 Tuesday Sept 17th 2013!

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