Dogs Just Want To Have Fun – Part 1


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 Dogs Just Want To Have Fun   Part 1


      Those of you who feel like I do, realize that dogs are people too!  They get bored, sad, afraid and lonely. You, my friend are the leader of your pack. Take charge and create a diverse and exciting play time for your pet child!  It doesn’t take much.

      Play every day at the same time to encourage routine. Your dog can tell when playtime is near and will look forward to it!


  • Supervise children – Never Tease.

  • Play gently – Mouths are tender especially with small breeds. Don’t jerk too hard or you will have a doggie dental bill!

  • Limit play to about 10 minutes at a time then rest and offer fresh clean water.

    Favorite Games

  • Follow the scent – Leave a scent trail leading to a treat!

  • Wading pool – Toss sliced hotdog into a wading pool. Have your camera ready! Wipe out the residue with a handy wipe!

  • Sing along – My dog love this. Put on some great music and encourage your pet to howl along!

  • Follow the leader – Your dog will naturally want to follow you. Make it a challenge. Run and stop. Creep slowly and then sprint. Reward your friend for following along with a great homemade treat. 30 Cheap Leftover Treats Your Dog Will Die For:

  • Muffin fun – Fill each cup of a clean muffin tin with a small treat. Place a tennis ball on top of each treat and watch your friend retrieve the treats!

  • Hide and Seek – Have your pet sit and stay. Go and hide and call their name. Reward then when you are found.

  • Simon says – You say sit, dog sits, give reward. You say stay, dog stays, give reward.

  • Tug of war – I like to use something soft on my pet friends mouth. Be conscious of not jerking to hard little teeth can be pulled loose!

  • Make Doggie Treats! 

Your dog will love you even if you just watch TV together, but try to take the time to bond in fun challenging ways that your pet will enjoy!

Look for part 2 Tuesday Aug 2oth 2013!


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