Dogs just want to have fun part 2

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  Welcome to part 2 and all new games for you and your better half to play together.

 Play every day at the same time to encourage routine. Your dog can tell when playtime is near and will look forward to it!


 Supervise children – Never Tease.

  • Play gently – Mouths are tender especially with small breeds. Don’t jerk too hard or you will have a doggie dental bill!

  • Limit play to about 10 minutes at a time then rest and offer fresh clean water.

    Favorite Games

 Teach a Trick – Pick up dirty clothes – Start by giving your dog an article of dirty clothes. Lead them to the basket and say drop. When they drop, reward with a treat. Next drop the article on the floor and give a command. It doesn’t matter what just be consistent. How about “Put in Basket!” You dog will get better with practice just keep at it!

  • Keep away – This is great fun for both owner and pet as long as it does not turn into teasing.

  • Flirt Pole – This is a stick with a length of rope attached. A favorite object is attached to the rope and swung around outside to exercise you pet not you.

  • Water hose – Some dogs revert to wild beasts when they get to play in the hose. Others dislike water altogether. If you are lucky, your pet will have you in stitches playing with the stream of water. Just be careful not to spray into your friends eyes, ears or nose!

  • Ball – My poodle was able to catch a ball or chase it down and toss it back.

  • Go Get It – hide a treat and have your friend locate it

  • Find It – Hide an item like car keys and work on your pet locating and retrieving them.

  • Soccer – Simply kick the ball around together.

 Remember it’s not what you do together, it’s the time spent bonding that matters. Get out there and start bonding today!

 Look for Part 3 Tuesday Sept 3rd 2013

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