Dogs and Grass a Call for Concern?

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 Dog 13 200x300 Dogs and Grass a Call for Concern?

A recurring question, which dog owners ask, is “why does my dog keep eating grass and will it harm him”?  The answer is simple; since dogs were originally wild, they feed on whatever was available including grass or any other vegetation.

 Following on from their ancestors, some dogs enjoy chlorophyll and eat grass to get it.  Chlorophyll is now sold in tablet form so dog owners can purchase these and add them to their pets food, especially when their animals seem to be eating more grass than seems normal.

A strong belief among dog owners is that dogs eat grass when their stomachs are upset.  This belief is brought about by the fact that, for the most part, dogs have a tendency to throw up.  The truth may just be that the dog or dogs threw up because they ate the grass and this upset their stomachs.  Well, whatever your views is, the truth lies in the face that something in the grass makes them regurgitate, shortly after they finish eating an abundance of grass.

 Evidence has been gained that if a dog is healthy he will not throw up after eating grass.  Dogs just enjoy the great taste of and flavor of grass and slowly nibble the grass.  It would appear that when the dog has an upset stomach they devour the grass voraciously and then throw up.  The conclusion is that some dogs eat grass to take pleasure in the taste and some eat it to throw up.


Veterinarians seem to have additional reasons why dogs eat grass.  Some have observed that dogs eat grass for the fiber.  If you notice that your dog is eating grass, you may want to add more fiber to his diet and see if this reduces or stops the grass eating.  Adding cooked vegetables to his diet can also be beneficial, to your pet.


If your dog is throwing up after eating grass, make sure that it is not caused by any chemicals, that been applied to the area.  Dogs have been eating grass for as long as they have existed, so there is really nothing to worry about.

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