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In today’s hectic world, things are different than they were in the past. Both women and men have careers that require a 40 hour work week, people are staying single longer and couples that are married may not ever have children. What was once considered the classic nuclear family is no more. Many times no one in the family will stay home during the day and dogs are left on their own.

When you are gone for 8 hours a day it may not be a big deal for you, but it could be for your dog. Many animals can be fine when left alone by entertaining themselves or by taking a long nap. On the flip side, many animals can become lonely and restless when they are left for long periods of time.

A good option for those of us that have to work 5 days and 40 hours a week is a doggy day care. A doggy day care is very much like a child’s day care. You can drop your dog off early in the morning on your way to work where he will be around other dogs socializing, running around, playing and having a great time without being stuck in your house while you are gone.

You should consider a few things before you place your dog in a doggy day care:

Is your dog up to date on all of his vaccinations? A doggy day care with a good reputation will ask for your dog’s vaccination records. Your dog’s shot records should be current or your dog will be turned away if any shots are missing. This helps to prevent spreading any diseases between the animals in the doggy day care.

Are you living in a big city? Most of the bigger cities have many doggy day care options available and can be easily found through a quick internet search. If you live in a smaller city, it may be more difficult to find a doggy day care that is close by and it could affect your commute if you plan to use the day care on a daily basis.

Does your dog get along with other dogs? Any dog that you are considering placing into doggy day care should be social and enjoy playing with other dogs because there will be plenty of other dogs there, as well. If your dog has not been socialized much, then you may consider exposing him to other dogs at a dog park so that he can become accustomed to playing with other dogs before you drop him off at a doggy day care.

Do you have the budget for doggy day care? Doggy day care is a great resource but it can become costly. Prices may range from 15 to 40 dollars per day, dependent on type and location of the doggy day care that you may need or want. If you multiply that price times 5 days a week, doggy day care has now become very pricey. If you have a limited budget, then consider cutting down the amount of days that you take him to doggy day care as this will still allow him to look forward to something fun to do, on those special days.

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