Dog Nutrition: What You Should Know

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Browsing the dog food aisle at the supermarket can make your head spin. With so many choices, what’s a dog parent to do? Here’s some food for thought to help make sure your dog is well fed.



When it comes to dog food, many pet parents assume higher prices mean better nutrition. But price doesn’t always equal quality. You need to take a closer look at what’s inside.



A dog food packed with ingredients isn’t necessarily packed with nutrition. More ingredients can also make it more difficult to tolerate. Look for dog foods with fewer ingredients that you don’t need a chemistry degree to decipher.



You can supplement dog food with healthy fresh foods, like bits of chicken. Just be sure the food is safe for dogs. For instance, never offer anything with bones in it, since they can splinter and choke or injure your pup. ASPCA Pet Health Insurancecustomers sometimes file claims for these accidents around Thanksgiving and Christmas.



After you’ve identified a few brands you’d like to try, give each one three to four months. This allows you to watch for any negative short or long term effects. If you notice signs of intolerance, stop using that food immediately.



Don’t mix different types of dog foods to provide variety. This can compromise nutritional value since they’re formulated differently. As long as your dog shows no signs of intolerance, you can switch between high-quality brands every three to four months.


How Much?

The serving size listed on the product is appropriate for most dogs, but keep in mind that some dogs may need more or less depending on circumstances. Check with your veterinarian for advice.


How Often?

Dogs can overeat if their bowl is always full, so offer your pup two meals a day. Simply divide the appropriate daily amount by two, and serve them eight to 10 hours apart.


And last, but certainly not least, make sure your dog likes it! For more information, check out ASPCA Pet Health Insurance’s facebook page.

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