Delightful Designer Dogs

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 teddy2 150x150 Delightful Designer Dogs

Tinky – 6 months – Chipoo

Thinking about adopting a designer breed dog?

 Humans have bred dogs since the beginning of known time. Seeking to weed out undesirable characteristics and encourage desirable ones,while maintaining the breeds integrity or blood line. Breeds like Shitzu and the Scottish Deerhound have been pure bred Royal favorites for centuries.

 Only a matter of years ago the breeding world was in an uproar about the growing market for Designer breeds. They were considered genetically weak, accidents, mutts. But even these hard core skeptics have had to step back and admit to the rising consumer demand for more and more adorable designer breeds.

 Today, pure breeds are being cross bred to create hybrid Designer dogs, with fun names like

 Chiweenie! There are literally hundreds of Designer breeds available showing no more signs of genetic weakness than any pure bred dog.

 So lets look at just a few of the most common Designer dogs available today.

  • Cavachon – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Bichon Frise – Very Friendly

  • Chiweenie – Chihuahua/ Wiener Dog – Known as the “Mexican Hotdog”, this tiny breed is full of fun.

  • Chipoo Chihuahua / Poodle – Adorable to the max! Loyal, devoted extremely intelligent dogs

  • Chorkie – Chihuahua / Yorkie – Small Delightful companion dogs

  • Goldendoodle – Golden Lab / Poodle – Considered the perfect cross breed

  • Labradoodle – Lab / Poodle – Playful and smart, lovable dog

  • Puggle – Pug / Poodle – Irresistibly charming high energy dog

Of course every breed has inherent health problems, so be sure to research your chosen breed before committing. I have 2 Chipoo’s and they have proven to be the cutest, smartest, most loyal and affectionate dogs I have every owned! They receive so much attention when in public, I must watch them cautiously, lest they turn up dog napped! They have had perfect health. So much for genetic degradation!

So explore the world of Designer Dogs!   It’s fun, trendy and rewarding!

 Anisa Cantero is an Intern Journalist / Photographer for, “The City News Group”. With 7 books published by Amazon and guest blogging every 2 weeks with the Pet Center News, Anisa is truly a Writer Gone Wild! Check her out!

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