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  This is one of the many reasons we all relate to and love cats, crazy, funny antics. It really makes my day to see the hilarious situations an ordinary cat can get itself into. Feeling low or need a mid morning laugh? Take a peek at these lovable pranksters! Let’s start with the original Prankster kitty, Felix the Cat!

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Yup, It’s real!  Pet Paint!

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The Happy End

  Hi, it’s me, Anisa Cantero.  DIY, Nature Lovin Pet Parent just like you. I like to write about my ever crazy pack of dogs, and well, just about anything that a non fiction lover can think of! I have so much to share! Join me at:Undercoverbookreviews.com or amazon.com/author/anisacantero250x250 Crazy Cats

 Anisa is an Indie Author and Intern Journalist / Photographer for The City News Group. She currently has 7 books published with Amazon and is a guest blogger for several top rated sites. 

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