Why Dogs Chase Cats

  Follow Us On Twitter @PicksDog   http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/deed.en       It is a given. Put a strange dog and a cat together and a chase will ensue. Why? It doesn’t matter how loud I shout or how fast I run. [...]
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Destructive Digging: Why it Happens and How to Stop It

Digging is a natural instinct, rooted deep within canine ancestry. In fact, because of selective breeding and domestication, some dog breeds tend to dig more than others. For example, “Earth dogs” like Dachshunds and Terriers, were bred [...]

Smile-Liscious Animals

   Follow Us On Twitter@PicksDog    Do you have those times when it feels the weight of the world is on your shoulders? There aren’t many things that can reach in and pull you out of the blues like pictures of adorable happy animals. Something [...]

Why You Should Neuter Your Dogs and Cats

  Research has proven that neutered dogs and cats make much better pets and consequently better members of the community,  because they are at home with their owners and not wandering the streets.  Keeping your cats contained and dogs on [...]

Best Friends – Pit Bull Mix and Kitten – Wonderful Rescues

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog     This is Charlotte (1.5 years), a 50-pound pit bull mix and Oliver (3 months), a 2.5-pound kitten. They are best friends. They play for hours every day and love to chase each other, play with toys [...]

THE SCOOP ABOUT PET SITTING, PART II – So you want to be a pet sitter/dog walker

 by  Debbie “Doglady” I first started a pet sitting business in 1994,  after being “downsized” (a nicer way of saying “fired”) from my corporate job and not finding a suitable replacement.  We were apartment [...]
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The Art of The SuckerMom: And Sometimes, You Fail

Follow us on twitter @picksdog (This post is dedicated to my Boo, who died too young. Rest in peace, my friend.) As the owner of a pet supply company, I come into contact with a lot of pet owners and I read a lot of pet-oriented blogs. Recently, [...]

Natural Flea and Tick Control

Follow us on twitter @picksdog Did you know that many items and plants you might find around your house and yard, are good natural agents for flea and tick control? Without further ado, let’s begin. Diatom Dust/Diamataceous Earth (food [...]
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THE SCOOP ABOUT PET SITTING, PART I – How to choose a good pet sitter/dog walker

   by  Debbie “Doglady” I first started a pet sitting business in 1994,  after being “downsized” (a nicer way of saying “fired”) from my corporate job and not finding a suitable replacement.  We were apartment [...]

The Sticky Note Challenge – Day 3

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