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The Smooch Your Pooch School of Matchmaking

  by Vicky Poutas   Follow us @picksdog   You really want to adopt a dog. You don’t want to support the puppy mill industry, but you’re leery about going to a rescue because of what happened last week. Let’s just say you [...]
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Are Invisible Fences the Answer For You?

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog Just about all dog owners have to consider the issue of containment for their dogs.  Allowing a dog to run loose is a sure way to invite trouble.  Your dog could be killed, injured, picked up by animal control, [...]
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Christmas Present for Your Friend’s Pet

You’ve been thinking of what to get your family and friends, what about their pets?  You can put something together without breaking the bank!   How about a gift basket or tote bag of different items?   There are many things to pick from, [...]
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Pets’ Allergies Are Worse Than Ever

  Just like humans, animals also show allergic symptoms, when their immune systems notice or recognize certain types of substances called allergens. Even though these allergens are common in most environments and mostly not very harmful [...]

How to Spot A Real Pet Friendly Hotel

  If you are thinking of traveling with your best furry friend, it’s important that you find the right pet friendly accommodations that will suit both of your needs while on vacation.  In today’s competitive lodging market it seems [...]


AVOID VETERINARY VISITS, ESPECIALLY DURING the HOLIDAYS! While we are planning and preparing all of our Thanksgiving dishes, we need to be aware of the foods that our dog or cat may ‘accidentally’ find on the floor. YES, I AM TALKING [...]
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Amazing Animal Heroes

  Follow Us on Twitter @PicksDog Do you think your pet has what it takes to step up and help in an emergency? Most likely, I say  YES, my dogs will do what is needed to help our pack. Family comes first even in the animal kingdom. I have [...]

Pet Paint – Not Just For Halloween Anymore

  Follow Us On Twitter@PicksDog        It’s all over the TV…        One of the hottest trends in pet grooming is Pet Paint!      I’m undecided on this issue. Some say it is cruel to put your pet through the [...]

Overweight, Underweight or Just Right? How to Know and What to Do?

Is Your Dog; Too Thin, Too Fat or Just Right?     People who have pets sometimes forget that the pets are not human. They indulge the pets and in many cases over feed them.  If you ask them, in all honesty, they really cannot tell [...]

Crazy Critter Costumes

Follow Us On Twitter @PicksDog        Can you sense it? The air is changing, the leaves turning, the harvest celebrations are beginning all around. It’s Halloween! Time to think costumes, treats and fun. Don’t leave your [...]