Dogs Just Want To Have Fun Part 4

     Follow Us On Twitter @PicksDog             Welcome to part 4 and more positive, fun activities for you and your best friend.       Play every day at the same time to encourage routine. Your dog can tell when playtime [...]

Dogs Just Want to have fun part 3

Follow Us On Twitter @PicksDog    http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en     Welcome to Part 3and more awesome games to play with you pet child.  Play every day at the same time to encourage routine. Your dog can tell when [...]

How To Dog Proof Your Home

We all know that dogs bring joy to their owners, act as their best friend and are also a great source of happiness.  The truth is that sometimes these same dogs can bring pain to their owners by tearing their owner’s home apart.  When you [...]

Dogs just want to have fun part 2

  Follow us on Twitter at @PicksDog   Welcome to part 2 and all new games for you and your better half to play together.  Play every day at the same time to encourage routine. Your dog can tell when playtime is near and will look forward [...]
Willie sitting proudly with his Canine Good Citizen Certificate.

My very own Canine Good Citizen

Last December, after a year of really hard work, Willie passed the Canine Good Citizen test. It’s also known as the CGC by dog trainers and is offered through the AKC.  A dog does not have to be AKC registered to take the test. Any dog [...]

Dogs Just Want To Have Fun – Part 1

  Follow us on Twitter @PicksDog         Those of you who feel like I do, realize that dogs are people too!  They get bored, sad, afraid and lonely. You, my friend are the leader of your pack. Take charge and create a diverse [...]

Working Together – My Special Training Method

Follow us @picksdog     Personally I am a dog person, having grown up with mostly labs. My father would train them for hunting and I remember being a part of that training, helping my father. Since those great days of having and training [...]
Willie enjoys some time in his yard this summer.

Summer Heat Awareness

Summer is largely regarded as a time to kick back, relax and enjoy life. Have a cookout, stay up late, catch fireflies and take long walks. Well hold on! Just a minute. Have you considered the special risks involved in summer time enjoyment? We [...]
Emily 6 months ChiPoo

Delightful Designer Dogs

Follow us on Twitter @PicksDog   Tinky – 6 months – Chipoo Thinking about adopting a designer breed dog?  Humans have bred dogs since the beginning of known time. Seeking to weed out undesirable characteristics and encourage desirable [...]
Willie, the Rescue Golden Retriever

True Love

Willie is my first Golden Retriever companion, and I am totally hooked! He is the sweetest dog we have ever had. I have definitely found my breed! I have had Willie in my life almost 4 years. It has come with many ups and downs! He earned his [...]