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Are These Cats Worth Saving?

Tonight I took in a five month old kitten named Miko, who was born with deformed back legs. His walk is a little goofy, he can’t jump properly and he has an incontinence problem. To top it all off, he’s deaf. He was surrendered by his owner [...]

Cat Fights

Feral or not, your kitty may get tangled up in a fight, especially if they are an outdoor cat.  Indoor cats are not as prone to this risk, unless they find themselves outside, or a stray visitor comes inside.  Two or more indoor cats can also [...]

Cat Nutrition – Having A Healthy Cat

As all cat owners know, a feline can be a wonderful addition to any family.  One of the most basic aspects of cat ownership is proper health care for the cat.  Health care for a cat encompasses a wide array of vaccine shots, flea protection, [...]