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Physical Description The Serengeti Cat is a large boned, long legged, domestic cat bred to resemble an African wild cat called a Serval. This medium-sized breed is graceful and statuesque, with a long neck and an upright posture. Their coats [...]

The Joy of Having a Cat as a Pet

It took quite a long time for my wife to persuade me into letting her have a cat, but we now have three. I would certainly recommend that other people give a cat a home, as they are no trouble at all and add lots of value and love to the household. It [...]

Crazy Cats

    Follow Us On Twitter @PicksDog   This is one of the many reasons we all relate to and love cats, crazy, funny antics. It really makes my day to see the hilarious situations an ordinary cat can get itself into. Feeling low or need [...]

Cats Want Treats

  Follow Us On Twitter @PicksDog   Your feline companion doesn’t want a store bought treat! They want savory, juicy, fresh food. Don’t leave you cat out of treat night! Treat your cat right with these healthy, cheap treat [...]

Baxter, Our Time-Share Cat

Follow us on twitter @picksdog   By K.B. Owen   As I scoop out the litter box and clean the inch-thick ring of cat hair from the vacuum cleaner’s filter, I think back to how our family got to this point. Because, you see, we don’t [...]

Kitty Ninja

By L. Marrick I used to live in the mountains with a cat who was a great mouser, Pawo. Our mountain cabin was full of mice, which would come out at night and try to seize the run of the place. He may have been the runt of the litter, but Pawo [...]

Interview With A Cat Person: Living With a Cat With a Liver Shunt

Follow us on twitter @picksdog   Good day, anipals and anipal Moms.  As you all know, I have a special place in my heart for cats with special needs and handicaps; whenever I can, I like to educate people about living with these very [...]

Interview with a Cat Owner: Life With a Diabetic Pet

Follow us on Twitter @PicksDog Hello everyone! Today we are talking with Patty, the owner of Whiskey, a diabetic cat, and here’s what she has to say about it. Hi Patty, thank you for taking the time to talk with us here at Live Love Meow. Hi [...]
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l Hate Clipping My Cat’s Claws’; A Statement That (Almost) Always Means Something Else.

Follow us on Twitter @picksdog   This post also appears on the the blog of Live Love Meow, LLC, the online home of Sassenach and Lou. Once a month.  That’s how often Lou needs his claws clipped. It is a (necessary) chore that I rate [...]
Pet Name Finder

Give Your Cat That Perfect Name

Your kitty’s name says as much about you as it does about the family pet. A much more human name might mean your cat is just like a kid to you, while other names might better display a favorite caliber of your pets, be it physical or part [...]