Busy Time Dog Toys for Mental and Physical Stimulation

dog games1 Busy Time Dog Toys for Mental and Physical Stimulation

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Toys, for your pets, are more than just for entertainment. They can exercise your dog both mentally and physically, giving him hours of fun and stimulation, that can strengthen their minds and bodies.

The following toys are specially designed to present different degrees of difficulty to the dog and stimulate the dog’s problem solving abilities. Some allow you to increase the degree of difficulty, as your dog gets familiar with the toy.  This capability allows the toys to last longer, while keeping your dog occupied.  Toys in these category include:


The Hide-A-Toy series by the Kygen Company.  These toys have the treats hidden in the base of each toy and the dog has to work out how to open the base of the toy, to reach the treat.  There are a multitude of toys, and each one presents a different challenge, for your dog.

The Buster Cube comes in different sizes, for either small, medium or large dogs. The toy has adjustable difficulty levels to keep the dogs interested.

The Haveball has an added benefit.The grooves in the toy help keep the dog’s teeth and gums clean.

The Go-Go Dog Pal is available for the larger dog. It is an outdoor, interactive remote control dog play toy.

Linkables® Treat – Dispensing Puzzle Toy
Provides a progressive way to play with and challenge your dog. The links of these toys can be changed to create numerous toy combinations. Starting with a basic shape, you can work with you dog to empty the toy of all of the treats and then begin to add links, as your puppy is ready for more advanced challenges. This toy is for beginner to advanced dogs.

The Kyjien Treat Triad Puzzle Toy
This toy has several layers that can intrigue your dog and the smell of the hidden treats encourage him to spin, flip and lift the three different layers, to find the hidden treats, inside the chambers.

Everlasting Treat Ball
The treat ball comes in three (3) sizes, allowing you to determine which is best for your dog. After filling the ball with his treat, the end is capped off and the interactive chewing challenge begins.

Bob-A-Lot Multi Chambered Interactive Dog Toy by Starmark
This toy has a number of layers that can each be filled with food or treats. It’s possible to adjust the openings, dependent upon the dogs capabilities. The toy has the capability of holding three (3) cups of food and can be used to feed your dog or keep him interest for hours.

Slide N Find Dog Puzzle  Seek-a-Treat
This interactive toy provides mental stimulation that rewards you dog, when he finds the hidden treats, inside.

Hagen Dogit Mind Games
This interactive game helps teach your dog to focus and reduce hyperactivity. It includes 3 games in one and provides both mental and physical stimulation. Helps bonding between pet and human.

The Hyper Pet Slingshot Flying Goose
This toy is a thumb-released slingshot dog toy that will shoot a provided 18” goose, up to 100’.

Chase It Dog Toy – Kong Company Ltd.
This toy can be moved in a circular, up-and-down or zig-zag motion that begins the fun, for you and your pet. The toy is good for entertainment, training, physical and mental exercise, as well. It is particularly effective in teaching your dog to fetch, have self-control and motivate him.

Animal Sounds Babble Ball Dog Toys – Pet Qwerks Inc.
An interactive toy that talks and makes over 20 different realistic animal sounds, that are triggered, when touched, breathed on or vibrations are felt. It automatically turns itself off, when not in use. It will resume making noise, when it is touched again. (Batteries are replaceable.)

Nina Ottosson Dog Miracle Puzzle – The Company of Animals Ltd
Interactive games, designed for mental stimulation and reinforce relationships with people. Each design is unique and requires physical and/or mental skill to work through the challenges and reveal hidden treats. The games can be set to different levels of complexity.

The Dog Miracle Puzzle
This mentally challenging treat puzzle game was made for you and your dog. The complexities can be varied depending on your pet’s capabilities, for endlessly hours of fun. It allows you many places to hide treats and the anti-slip feet help to keep the puzzle in place. Dishwasher safe.

Small Treats for Puzzle Toys
Busy Buddy® Buddy Berries and Buddy Oh’s
Just like Buddy Ohs in a smaller size, Busy Buddy® Buddy Berries are suited perfectly for small treat dispensing toys.

Jolly Pets Teaser Ball
The game begins with a 6 inch ball. It has a unique ball-within-a-ball design that keeps pets intrigued and holds their attention for hours! Extra durable and floating capabilities, make it ideal for pool, lake or land fun.

Chuckit!  Amphibious Bumper Dog Toy
This toy is perfect for a game of fetch. The Bumper toy is made of soft rugged rubber that floats. Great summertime toy for the lake, beach, pool, pond or just a day at the park.

Otis & Claude Dog Toy Gift Set
1) Jed Ball Sassy Lassie (Red/Blue) SMALL
2) Floyd – See Spot Run (SMALL 6.5″ W)
3) Rita Fetch & Treat Ball – Keep Away Kiwi (GREEN)
4) Bettie Fetch Toy Leapin Lavender (PURPLE) – SMALL
The multiple toy set provides hours of fun and rewards for your pet.

Puppy Pull Indoor Interactive Dog Toy by Ethical Pet
This is a great indoor toy that will keep your dog busy, for hours of endless fun games, while you are gone or busy. This product will also help develop muscle tone and agility.

Petlou Naturally Twisted Dog Toys
These natural looking critters provide different and unique feelings, in your dog’s mouth. They come in a multitude of flavors, textures and noise makers i.e. nubby, plush, noisy, rope, tails or legs. There is sure to be something that your dog will enjoy.

Bully Sticks and Bones  Natural and excellent chews, that are good to strengthen your dog’s jaw and help in cleaning his teeth.


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