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Charlotte and Oliver pic Best Friends   Pit Bull Mix and Kitten   Wonderful Rescues

Best Friends


This is Charlotte (1.5 years), a 50-pound pit bull mix and Oliver (3 months), a 2.5-pound kitten. They are best friends.

They play for hours every day and love to chase each other, play with toys together and snuggle. Oliver likes to play with Charlotte’s dog tags, on her collar and bat at her tail when she wags it.

Charlotte likes to play hide and seek with Oliver, in his kitty tree, and lick his face.

Both Charlotte and Oliver are rescues from the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, an L.A County Shelter.

Their mom works with an awesome rescue called Best Friends Animal Society and found both Charlotte and Oliver, at the shelter when they were just babies.

There are so many great dogs and cats available for adoption at Baldwin Park–and also at the Best Friends Adoption Center in Mission Hills.

Even though Charlotte and Oliver are super cute, they want to remind everyone that there are already so many cute kittens and puppies, already available at the shelters, so please spay/neuter your animals! You can do that very cheaply at the Best Friends Spay/Neuter Clinic in Mission Hills or at many other low-cost vets and clinics around L.A, so no excuses!

Both Charlotte and Oliver are survivors of our pet overpopulation problem in Los Angeles. They are each members of one of the most likely to be euthanized breeds–pit bulls and underage kittens. So please adopt from your local shelter! You would be so lucky to have a Charlotte or an Oliver of your very own.

Written by Emily Van Voorhis

Charlotte and Oliver’s mom and dad love living in Glendale, California. Aaron is the pastor of Central Avenue Church in Glendale and also works as a chaplain for the Glendale Police Department. Emily is a pediatric nurse who works in the oncology department at UCLA Children’s Hospital.

Friends of Baldwin Park Shelter


Best Friends Adoption Center in Mission Hills


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